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  • Location: Rancho Cucamonga,San Bernardino,CA
  • Cost: $40 per month (24 month contract)
  • Telco party DSL.Net
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Bad "Technichians are clueless"
Overall "Worst dsl service ever."
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My broadband dsl has had been malfunctioning for over a year and has never been fixed correctly.

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lodged 2.7 years ago


Phelan, CA

Verizon techs not truthful about sync speed/actual speed

I'm paying for 1.2-3.0 meg line speed and was getting about 1.75m average. It suddenly dropped to around .95 m and I called to complain. Tech logged into my computer, reset all of my browser characteristics including my proxy and then when the speed didn't improve, installed google chrome. I got very mad and told him it wasn't a system problem. He then went to my DSL modem address and showed me the sync speed of 3.36 m and tried to tell me that amount was the actual speed being delivered to me. I blew up and told him that sync speed was not in anway representative of the actual speed delivered and told him he was either lying or didn't know anything and that I wanted to talk to a supervisor. After trying to convince me for another 2 or 3 minutes that they were delivering the 3.360 m and that I must have a software problem, he finally connected me to a supervisor. She told me the same thing. I yelled profusely at her and she put me on hold. I waited and waited and kept checking the line speed and about 3 minutes later, it jumped up to 2.9m... imagine that. I think they had their optimization software on and decided to turn it off after all of my nasty comments. I find them to be very courteous in the face of fire but also extremely untruthful, which infuriates me.


Re: Verizon techs not truthful about sync speed/actual speed

I wish all could read this posting comment by Steven. I have been with VZN for most of my commo services for longer than I care to remember. Support for land line phone and wireless (Cell) are terrific. It is a mystery why service support for broadband is so very, very lousy. Like steven I have struggled for last three weeks or more (since I installed new 27 in monitor with 3D and tuner) to fix my DSL speed. I have had exactly the same experience when dealing with VZN DSL tech support.

I have since done considerable research to learn a few things about broadband. I am signed up for Verizon's 1.1 - 3.0 Mbs plan. I have dealt with tech support several long sessions. My experience generally has been same as Stevens. Generally VZN Techs want to take control of the PC and go through the useless routine of deleting temp files and resetting the internet setting and then they run their speed test @ Speakeasy and they show how everything is OK. In my case hours after such event I tried the same test and instead of 2.6 Mbs d/l i get .33 to .69 Mbs and that is D/L.

I have been checking the speed during the day and late at night and all hours from test servers across the country using the very Speakease and other more sophisticated sites. I used servers in San Francisco, Chicago and others(I am east coast - Norfolk area) with results as stated.

One lame excuse from tech spt is that real world downloading from a web server such as HP site or MSoft is not rappresentative of true speed because of variances such as number of people downloading from the server simultaneously, type and speed of server, etc., Bull., Etc. Welcome to the real world VERIZON!!!

One more thing I have been not able to find is a link on their entire website where you can send an Email to tech spt as most providers of internet services provide. Verizon will not do that because they would be inundated as shown by number of "hits" on the "community" blog they like to insistingly hype and want to redirect you to. All they offer is on line chat and phone spt with the aforementioned results.

I must say that the analysts that work for VZN tech support are probably not that bad at giving help, considering what they have to work with. And considering all some speak pretty good english. Take note that most foreign languages sound very fast when compared to English so just have them slow down and you will have better luck. And yes; I try not to take out my frustrations on them.. While I believe Verizon should hire us citizens being disrespectful to say - citizens of India or other nationalities because they speak with an accent is not really fair.

So what is the real problem with VZN DSL, at least here in Tydewater Virginia where I live?

Here are my conclusions: Verizon promises more than they can physically deliver due to DSL limitations. While DSL or copper broadband per se is capable of very high speeds the line can get crowded. However they are happy to collect $40.00 month from me and others on false pretenses. We need to report this to respective State Attorneys General and Local Chamber of Commerce for the fraud VZN DSL is. I will be sending mine very soon.

Verizon touts their award winning customer service awarded by J.D.Powers and Associates but keep in mind that that it is probably mostly due to Cell and Landline services and I certainly don't believe broadband (DSL) service would earn such praise.

I believe they have to sell the 1.1 to 3.0 MBS plan rather than 1.1 otherwise if people knew the score customers would switch to cable like COX or COMCAST or sign up for the 1.1 Mbs plan which is much cheaper and might do just as well. If you do not have cable in your area you are pretty well stuck with the likes of VZN or ATT.

All that I have said here may be more deduction on my part based on what I have learned rather than actual facts but it is what I know or suspect to be true. Hope this helps if not to solve your problem Steven to maybe understand it as I have come to understand it, and the VRZs culture in this regard. I have provided a suggestion that if all of us would follow VZN might change its stripes. Thanks for inspiring me to write this too long note. Sincerely D.V.