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Review by daveebo126 See Profile

  • Location: York,York,PA
  • Cost: $34 per month (2 month contract)
  • Install: about 4 days
  • Telco party Verizon (ex GTE)
Good "started Jan. 2000 w/GTE DSL 768/128-12-year vet!"
Bad "worst c/s when it was new-now even India is OK-unless you freak"
Overall "no outages(other than MAJOR wrecks/storms) in years"

Went from 768(2000) to 300(2003) currrently test steady 6400-7000/650-750.

My cable neighbors (Comcats) trickle at peak hours. Local students actually call or knock afternoons for 5-30min. of homework project completion submission! My wife and I love this! I'm still paying $30+ fees. MY BEST DAY w/VZ: Driving by VZ CO--(summer '05?) -saw sedan next to VZ van. Knocked on back door-VZ tech reluctantly... gingerly opened-(great guy, btw). Confirmed no access for me to interior 'holy of holies' -BUT- agreed to activate some SWITCH--since that day-I'm always in 6500/7000--650/700 zone no donuts, bribes, or monthly $$ changes just flawless Ntflx, Amaz Prime, and any other vid stream. Together with 15.99 Target indoor ant. - no Comcats/Dish/Direct Tv now for 5+yrs! Most typical downloads 2-15 seconds-in-home wifi avg 72.2Mbps-wired 100 Mbps. If I need faster than that, my bad. Fios might be on my street before Planet X-if so I'll

see the VZ eqpt. here for a bit. I can't be in a hate club unless it's justified- so tx vz.

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