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Review by joebolt See Profile

  • Location: Harwich,Barnstable,MA
  • Cost: $75 per month
  • Telco party Verizon
Good "I can go for months without having issues major enough to force me to deal directly with Verizon customer service."
Bad "When I have problems big enough that there is no choice but to address them with Verizon, it is invariably painful."
Overall "Stay away from Verizon Communications if at all possible."
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I've had many negative issues with Verizon Communications. I'd like to avoid doing business with them completely. Verizon's FiOs is not available here so I can't evaluate that, but otherwise, Comcast has much more reliable and consistent internet service in general. However, they are also a nightmare company with which to have dealings. Unfortunately, it seems in my area, the choice is between the two. I've done business with both. I've recently had to move around a lot within my local region in rental housing. I have had to switch back and forth for various reasons, some of which have been choices, but mostly necessity. There have been so many unique problems with the Verizon orders, disconnections/installations and overall support in general, I couldn't summarize a recurring theme other than to say they have all been horrendous experiences. Verizon ranks much worse than Comcast overall and that's definitely saying something!

I must be crazy that I'm seriously considering switching to Verizon Wireless for my cell service, but I do hear that they operate as if a totally different organization than Verizon Communications and are a much better group. Ironically, because of Verizon Communications unforgivably giving me a phone number that still had ties to the former customer to which it was assigned, Verizon Wireless has had collectors calling me on my land line phone for 3 years ongoing trying to collect on an old debt. They are looking for these other people! I've tried in vain to get my number corrected in their systems as not belonging to this other customer. After repeated frustrating runarounds and being transferred to several different departments seemingly baffled as to how to handle this problem, Verizon Wireless will eventually get my phone number off their 3 to 4 times weekly call list, only for the same pattern to return about 6 weeks later and I have to start that process all over again. So yes, as I say, I should probably look beyond Verizon Wireless for a new cell provider, but my current provider has such bad call quality, I'm left with little choice but to dump them.

It is a disgrace that Verizon's customer website continues to have a major cross-site scripting vulnerability and that's even when logged into one's account! This has existed for a very long time and internet searches indicate that experts agree this is appalling that they've refused to do anything about it for so long. What more evidence does one need that Verizon does not give a damn about the internet security of their customers? That could be generalized to say that they do not truly care about their customers at all. Yet, they go to great lengths to create a facade of a company that has integrity. Don't fall for it.

I just upgraded 2 days ago from the High Speed Internet 1.1-3 mbps package to the 7.1-15 mbps package. Curiously, the price dropped a little, but I only found that out when I started investigating....they certainly never took any initiative to advise me their prices had dropped and I find that beneath contempt. I just tested and got only 2.5 mbps download speed! On average as I've tested dozens of times over the past two days, I'm not getting close to even the low end of 7.1 mbps. At least with the lower level package, I tended to get the mid-range most of the time. It actually seems like the upgrade slowed my connection down, so perhaps it SHOULD be cheaper!

I've tried over the past couple of years without success to uninstall a few Verizon applications from my computer. I've even used highly recommended uninstaller applications and still no luck. The programs I'm stuck with are Verizon Call Assistant, 2 defunct versions of Verizon Online Help & Support, and an also defunct program called "Verizon-Yahoo Applications." The latter was associated with a Verizon-Yahoo service I once subscribed to (long ago discontinued--I was told it was because Yahoo no longer wanted to be partnered with an ISP as incompetent as Verizon).

A few years back when I moved to a new apartment and chose to go with another ISP, it was critically important to me that I could keep my Verizon-Yahoo email account and my large number of saved emails on it. A Verizon sales agent told me when I was in the decision-making process that it was indeed doable, just as if it was a stand-alone Yahoo email account. So I decided to make the switch to Comcast. The Verizon employee was wrong. Though it could have been keepable, Verizon's policy was to automatically delete these Yahoo accounts once the Verizon account was closed. Probably it was a customer retention ploy, but it would only work if the sales staff knew to say the right thing. It would have kept me a Verizon customer at that time because I still sometimes need access to some of those forever gone emails. This was arguably the pinnacle of my disgust with Verizon.

I dread the thoughts of having to deal with these people on the phone again, but I guess I'm going to have to. They are emailing me and calling with automated messages saying that they can't detect any connection to test my speed (I have their standard Westell 7500 modem/router). I downloaded and tried to get some answers with their "In-Home Agent" and it maxes out RAM so badly that I'm going to have to uninstall it (How likely is it that uninstall will go smoothly?). It is also pretty useless. The "HSI Optimizer" keeps telling me everything is fine except I need to reset the modem/gateway. I do that right along with their prompts and then rerun the optimizer right afterward and it again tells me I need to reset it.

God help me. Verizon sure can't.

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