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Review by buddahbless See Profile

  • Location: Premium
  • Cost: $98 per month
Good "Fast and accurate download speed , simple install in a new home."
Bad "upload lags in advertised speed, Not a fan of the bulky verizon box on the interior den wall"
Overall "its better than the rest I've tried so far and fastest to boot."
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·T-Mobile US
Well I recently installed this for a family member in the dc metro area. they asked what to go with I said if FIOS is available get it and thats what they did. So I Completed the install myself with one call to tech support and we we cooking with grease. To date there on the 25/5 plan. and the cost that I quote inc. basic fios tv. I must say the upload is rater impressive running a speed test from DC back to a Chicago server on BBR Im getting 25679 kbps so more than what was promised but the upload lacks only 3031 kbps up which Im sure they can do better as this is a newer semi- affluent neighborhood. ( 450K and up). Nonetheless Its well worth it in my opinion. It sure beets my only option ATT DSL back home in the Chicago far burbs.

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