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Good "Reliability is the only good thing!"
Bad "Terrible Slow Speeds!"
Overall "Get FIOS"
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Verizon DSL in Bridgeton, NJ is just TERRIBLE! Slow Speeds at 2.84 megs a second down, and upload speed is 0.60! Verizon was suppose to update the main Central Office for DSL service for Greenwich, NJ but the way speeds are going, they never did!! Verizon has NEVER, did any kind of upgrades to its central office in Bridgeton, NJ for DSL customers yet?? They are the WORST, company to deal with as far as DSL goes in South Jersey!! They won't improve DSL service at all, they just push the new FIOS, on everybody to get!! I am LESS, than 2 miles from the C.O. and VERY VERY POOR speeds!! Home wiring is fine, and modem is fine!! Just CRAPPY service from the Verizon Central Office!! And they still charge everybody Full Price for BAD service!!

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Some people have worse speeds and live in nice neighborhoods

Verizon can only provide 1.2/384 on my line.

Having your stats sounds like a dream.

The sad thing is we both pay the same monthly rate.

What a pile of poo.

Monticello, NY


If you are physically located around 2 miles from the CO, that means the actual run is likely a good bit longer. In either case, 2 miles is pushing it distance wise, and the condition and age of the wires has a large effect on the maximum speeds possible.

former dsl



Had dsl in Washington Twp area - was very slow. Verizon tested and it was excellent (for dsl) to the house. Ended up installing a house filter and running a new dedicated line to the modem plus cleaned up the registry - problem solved. Now use fios - no problem from day 1.