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Review by waycoolphil See Profile

  • Location: Cathedral City,Riverside,CA
  • Cost: $30 per month
  • Install: about 2 days
  • Telco party Verizon (ex GTE)
Good "Extremely reliable and uncapped. Average 6.5Mbps. Fast enough for Netflix HD."
Bad "Would like more speed."
Overall "Excellent service if you live in an area with good copper and updated CO."
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·Time Warner Cable
A very good service that is trouble free. Self-install was easy. I switched from TWC 10Mbps Internet and digital voice. Their Internet service was flakey and the digital voice was ok but when the bundle expired after 12 months it was going to be $100 total monthly. Now I get a bundle from Verizon for DSL and POTS with no contract at $30/mo. plus taxes for each service. The phone includes unlimited calling to the US and Canada, Caller I.D. and all the custom calling features. It even includes voice mail which TWC charged an additional $4/mo. for. The DSL doesn't have the latency cable had and is uncapped. I highly recommend it if you are in an area with good copper and an updated CO. The downside is that we will probably never have FiOS here because all utilities are underground.

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As much as I hate twc and I left them i would never go with dsl. Their 10 mbps tier as you said was 10 mbps now its 15/1.

If you get slower speeds at night you can get docsis 3.0 modem.

Cathedral City, CA

Re: Eh

DOCSIS3 is not available from TWC here in the Coachella Valley.