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Review by Chrimos9 See Profile

  • Location: Providence,Providence,RI
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
  • Telco party Verizon
Good "Reliable service, decent speeds,"
Bad "telemarketing for fios, Fees,"
Overall "reliable service holding out as long as I can"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
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Value for money:
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I have had Verizon DSL since 2004. It was the year where we had multiple computers and Dial-up was no longer an option because people needed the phone and multiple PC's needed to be on-line. After years of using Netzero, Juno, Bluelight, allshak, and any free dial up providers I can get my hands on, it was time to move on.

During this time their were multiple provider choices, Cox Cable, Comcast Cable, Att DSL, Verizon DSL,

I decided I would go with DSL because they said you can use your existing phone lines and no installation required. At the time it was $29.95 for Verizon DSL High speed internet 1.5Mbps/384kbps or Att DSL which was $29.99 a month 1.5Mbps down/384kbps up. Verizon won by 4 cents and also they were offering a promo. Verizon DSL with MSN premium which I had MSN premium up until a few months ago when they discontinue MSN premium.

Installation at the time was super easy. They mailed me a Westell 327W rev A. The instruction said do not install or plug in until you get a phone call telling you its ready. The next day while on dial up, I got a automated message on Callwave, saying my service was ready. I plugged it in install and everything was good. 1.5 down and 384kbps up.

1 week after installation we started to notice static and then we lost both internet and telephone. I had to use my neighbors wifi which is by Cox, and it was open at the time, speeds were 20mbps down and 10mbps up according to speedtest at the time. Sent in a repair request and a few hours later.. Truck pulled up went to the pole in front of our house. When I caught him it look like he was wrapping the line with duct tape... but in a few minutes phone with no static and Internet up and running again

I still have the orginal email message:
Welcome to Verizon Online, your connection to a whole new level of Internet enjoyment. Below is a recap of your order:

o Estimated DSL Service Ready Date * 11-16-2004 after 6pm.
o Billing Start Date - 11-16-2004
o DSL Phone Number -- 401-XXX-XXXX
o Maximum Connection Speed -- UP TO 1.5/384 CONSUMER ANNUAL PLAN DSL

* Note: if you purchased an Annual Plan product (as described in the Product Package above), a $99 early termination fee will apply if your service is cancelled within the first year.

o 30-Day Money Back Guarantee Starts -- On Your Service Ready Date

Almost 10 years later we still have reliable DSL connection, and as you can see they bumped our original speed. It was 1.5mbps down and only 384kbps up. Now we have 3360 kbps down and 672 kbps up. It has more then double for the same price!

I kept renewing the 2 year contract up until 2008 or was it 2010 when they stopped emailing me about contract expiring and to renew. On the website verizon.net/renew I do not see it listed anymore as a renew option.

No aditional service calls until 11-14-2012 when the Westell 327W decided it was time to go. No ethernet ports would hold a connection and you would have to rely on Wifi. Thunderstorms would knock the internet out and hot days would cause it to reset itself. I used chat and they emailed me a fee Westell 7500 that is humming along just fine now. Thunderstorm and hot summers no Internet problems.

Unlimited Calling: 19.76
Regional Toll Calls: .42
Internet Extra 29.99

All the "fees" and taxes

Fed exercise tax : .83
RI state tax: 2.03
School and Library fund: .26
911 State/County charges: 1.00
Dual party relay charge: .09

Verizon Surcharges and Other Charges:

Federal Subscriber Line Access Recovery Charge: 6.75
Federal Universal Service Fees: 1.05
RI Gross Receipts Tax Surcharge: 1.04 »www.ripuc.org/eventsactions/dock···-11).pdf

We are the last house on our block with DSL and maybe even copper service! All the neighbor houses when I walk right by them I see that the have either Cox when the wifi is open or the Verizon fios junction boxes. We maybe living in 1995 but having a reliable phone service because none of us owns cell phone is the most critical reason why we stayed with copper.

Transceiver Revision A2pB020b3.d20h
Vendor ID Code 4D54
Line Mode ADSL_G.dmt

DSL stats: We are at the DSL limit I think.

Transceiver Information Down Stream Path Up Stream Path
DSL Speed (Kbits/Sec) 3360 672
Margin (dB) 8.8-12.5 10.0
Line Attenuation (dB) 56.0 31.5
Transmit Power (dBm) 18.2 11.9

When I used the Westell 327W I had much better stats, but I left the top open and lost firmware so now I am stuck with 7500. When I plugged in the 327w I got higher upstream bandwidth at 804kbps instead of 672kbps as shown now. The westell 327w was a ADSL router and the 7500 is a ADSL2 router..

Also conviently a semi knocked some wires down in front of my house and across the street, it was Verizon wires since they ended up repairing as cox left. I think they could have been FIOS wires because they are thick and covered and across the street. I know that the telephone wire is on my side of the street, I don't see any FIOS wires connected to my side, of the street but the most convenient part was after the incident.. Guess who started calling more often?.... FIOS.....

It was hostile, but now more polite.. I guess we will see how long I will be on copper.. Lone man on the block! I wonder how many people are still using DSL at the CO. by the way, no slow down during peak hours everything runs fine and pings are good all the time.

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220, 221, Whatever It Takes.

by you using the dsl

you accept the eua that says vz can provide your service on any type of wire or other means and you cant do bupkus about it. all you can do is stop using them. it's their wire, but it's your house. good luck.