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Review by dandeman See Profile

  • Location: Chapel Hill,Orange,NC
  • Cost: $46 per month
  • Install: about 4 days
  • Telco party AT&T
Good "Continues to be reliable 6mb DSL to 6mb U-Verse HSI"
Bad "None."
Overall "Very reilable service."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

Continues to be very reliable service, even during storms that cause power outages.. if it's a long outage, telco brings out generators to keep the IP-DSLAM running.. I have a commercial UPS and generator power that keeps power up on my end...

Service continues to be very reliable. I suspect I may be getting some benefit from the fact that I believe the node I'm served by also supports some business critical users. During the recent ice storm and multi-day loss of power, they got the emergency generators to the site to keep it up and running before the batteries expired.

6mb U-Verse HSI is a vast improvement for me over the old 6mb DSL (bellsouth era, ATM Network). It had got to the point it was impossible to stream any video (youtube, etc) over the old DSL any time except in the morning when backbone loading is lighter. With the U-Verse I can view videos during prime time without hic-cups.. Also the upstream speeds with 6mb offering are around 766kbps versus 512kbps.. important for access to my home automation/security system.

04/01/13 Update: got the email notice that my old (BellSouth era) 6.0mb DSL service was going to go from $43 to $46 per month.. Checked and found U-Verse HSI is now available at my location and decided it was time to upgrade.

Put the order in on 3/26 got the NVG510 on 3/29 with 4/01 as the planned installed date.. Tech called Monday that he was coming out to switch over the line at the DSLAM and came to the house to replace the NID, which was quite old.. Tested to make sure the line was good and waited to see that the modem came up.. He really went the extra mile and tested the line again through the home run inside the house to make sure everything was clean..

Excellent install experience, great tech!. I would only hope that AT&T management would appreciate that good techs can make all the difference in the world in how customers perceive the company.
09/26/12 Update: About 3 weeks ago, my normally fast 6.0MB service started degrading to as low as 100-300 kilobit intermittently during the day.

I've been using VisualWare "My Connection Business Edition" Connection Analysis Software to see what is going on.... So far I've seen ATT backbone routers with up to 77% packet loss, excessive IP Forced Idles, depending on the route taken through ATTs backbone network.. At other times performs very close to rated speed I'm paying for.. I hope this isn't permanent for ATTs remaining DSL customers..

03/04/12 Update: My local DSLAM has been upgraded... was able to upgrade to 6mb down/512kb DSL; new IP-DSLAM (or UVERSE, not sure which it will be) is on site... Tech support during upgrade was great. Connection reliability, tech support review ratings raised from experience.

11/10/11 Update: Dropping the ratings down over the ongoing intermittent connections errors with yahoo email.. Some could say well that's Yahoo's problem.. but AT&T has to get the credit for choice to outsource email to unreliable provider..

I switched my outgoing email service to DynDNS outbound mail hop for only 20 bucks a year, and secured gmail email names I like, in case I need to drop use of all my old email accounts..

10/03/2010 Update: Email seems to have settled down and more or less works OK. Client email software still gets intermittent log in failure, but just ignore as I know it's timing/loading in their system.

EMail Servers are unreliable since changeover to Yahoo...

Connection is now rock solid since long term problem referenced below was fixed.

Only 3 line drops (in the normal range) since 5/29. No drops since 07/01/09 and counting.. 8MB download/512KB upload sync rate.. (capped in 1.5mb as that's the service I pay for.)

After quite a long period of problematic disconnects, my DSL has gone back to rock solid since 5/29/09. Only 2 disconnects have occurred since then. Can't say for sure that is what fixed it, but I did see techs spending a good part of a day working out at my DSLAM 1/2 mile away.

My modem and local loop (at the house and down our private road) were not touched.. The local loop connections inside the telco cab/DSLAM which may have been worked on..
Local DSL Loop work just fine, but very frequent disconnects.

AT&T BellSouth is no longer in the rock solid category... There are periods that it is rock solid and then there will be periods (mostly weekends) that reoccuring PADT commands are sent to knock down connection....

Since my DSL modem is set up to automatically reconnect, it does so.. but sometimes it continually cycles through connects/disconnect sequences.. and then it will run rock solid other times..

I have IP address monitoring software so I have date and time stamps every time they knock down the dynamic IP connection.

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