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Review by DeltaElite See Profile

  • Location: Covington,Newton,GA
  • Cost: $45 per month
  • Install: about 31 days
  • Telco party BellSouth
Good "Fast and ussually reliable"
Bad "See review"
Overall "Kiss that freakin dial up GOODBYE!!!!"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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Ordered in November 2001,,,up in running a month later due to excessive operator headspace and some ancient station wire....

Connections run 200/1100 consistantly...Using a STHE on a ME 1.4 gig pentium 4. I have few problems connecting,drawing email or downloading.

Tech support is great if your patient and get the right person....If your get unlucky and get a dead fish for a tech,hang up and try again as I've never waited more then a couple of minutes for an answer and never called more then twice in one day.

It's cheaper then a second line and I really apreciated being able to download IE 6 in less the 3 minutes....3 attempts on dialup timed out after 2 hours.

Now, I gotta go to Walmart and get some shotgun shells, its time to do some justice to the V90 modem at LAST!!!

9-26-02 Still trouble free, still get consistant speeds... I am now spoiled and will never be able to go back to dial up again.

5-10-03 Still smokin....Other then 2 self installed problems on the house wiring (And self un-installed after much cussing and fussing ) its still trouble free.

12-11-03 Speed touch Home died. 4 days later truck arrives and tech hands me a new westel. 80 bucks for the dispatch and I'm going again. Speeds are now 220/1235 consistantly . Bye Bye Alcatel!!!

03-04-04 Still consistantly 212/1230...No problems that were not self installed.
Looking forward to 384/3000 service if it ever arrives.

Westel 2200 with a WinME 1.4 gig P4. 520meg RDRAM

7-8-04 Still rock solid....Upgrade to extreme smooth and burp free...I am a happy camper.

12-02-05 Still rock solid.

8-12-07 Float between 3mb and 6 mb service....depends on the budget....Billing is 100% on and the service is still rock solid....Upgrade to Netropia 3347 to put sons laptop in on wireless....never a hiccup.

If they ever tell me I cant have it anymore the shotgun and the computer meet in the backyard.

3-27-09 Death, taxes and 380 up,3000 down....Since 2000 I've had 3 modems, and 2 infected computers.

I'd keep the service and pay the bill even if I wasn't an employee.

Disclaimer....I am a AT+T employee....But still, I have had no troubles that were not user caused in the entire time I've had the service.

10-sometime-2010 No changes.....320 up 3.0 down....Still on 3347.

7/5/2011 in respoce to system message I'll update.

Nothing has changed. As long as the bill is paid the speed is the same and the service consistant.

10/14/2011.....The plot thickens....

Last friday I came home to no sync. Called Support saturday and could not get past the robot because of a large network outage in my area....Sunday....monday am same...Tuesday I call a buddie to find out what the outage was and the dslams I am served by are out because they have no power....ETR wensday PM.
Since repair my 6.0 speeds are more like dialup. Support says "sorry,we dont warranty speeds.

If it didnt mean going to Charter I'd be a gone Pecan.

8/31/12 still here still chuggin along....Wish the'd bring uverse out another 1/2 mile.

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