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Review by WeSRT4 See Profile

  • Location: Mobile,Mobile,AL
  • Cost: $48 per month
  • Install: about 3 days
  • Telco party AT&T
Good "Hmmm.... the only thing available where I live"
Bad "AT&T= 150gb caps with overages"
Overall "While I'm not a heavy downloader I don't like the idea of caps."
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Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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Update 3/16/11:
I've had a couple of outages since my last update.. one lasting a couple of days while they "ordered" parts. Speeds have consitantly gotten worse since AT&T took over Bellsouth. Now to top it off AT&T has now announced caps with overage charges. Cable already beats AT&T's aging dsl technology. Now with the caps and constant price increases AT&T is non competitive. I only wish someone would deploy cable in my neighborhood. It's only a matter of time and i'm gone as a landline and wireless customer. This company has no vision and doesn't care about its customers; only the bottom line and their investors. They have ruined their relationship with me as a customer forever!


Well, it's been a year since the merger and AT&T STILL hasn't aligned dsl pricing with their existing pricing. In effect AT&T is mistreating old Bellsouth customers by charging them more for the same services that AT&T charges less for in all other areas of the country. There is no excuse for this. We keep hearing that it takes time to get everyone on the same system, but that is plain BS. All they need to do is change the pricing of the tiers within the system that we are currently on. In fact they could do it overnight if they wanted to. For this reason I now give AT&T a one on value for money.


AT&T has had issues with DNS that has led to outages for the entire southeast. For this reason I am moving the reliability from five to four. Overall service is still very reliable.

Tech Support

Recently when AT&T had and outage I called to get support and got a message saying that call volume was extremely high and that I would need to call back. For this reason I am moving tech support from three to two.

Bottom line: The merger seems to be hurting the level of service.

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