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Review by Shootist See Profile

  • Location: Decatur,Dekalb,GA
  • Cost: $40 per month
  • Install: about 3 days
  • Telco party BellSouth
Good "Fast 1245D 218-238U"
Bad "Not enough info in setup package, on web page"
Overall "Good"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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I NO Longer have ATT DSL. I no longer have anything from ATT.

I dropped my home service when they raised the price and tried to charge me $5 a month for Long Distance "Access", YES ACCESS. I twice had to call to get that charge removed and to ask that it never show on my bill again, I HAVE A CELL PHONE AND NEVER EVER MAKE LONG DISTANCE CALLS ON MY HOME LINE.

On the third month that charge showed up, after calling twice to get it removed FOREVER, I called again and CANCELED my home phone but kept my internet service.

Shortly after that I switch Cell providers to Virgin Mobile and couldn't be happier.

Then I got fed up with there SLOW DSL and switched to Comcast. Not that I like Comcast that much either but at least now I have good internet speeds both Down and Up.



I got DSL from BS about 2.5 month ago. I ordered it on as sunday over the net. They state that if you want to use a network you have to pay an extra $10.00 a month!! I have a small network, 2 PC's sitting on the same desk, 1 notebook, that is my main PC and to go back and forth to work and traveling, and a old, just upgraded to a P3 600, desktop. The thought of paying 10 buck more a month didn't set well so I decided to use a router at my own expence. I recieved the package on wednesday of the same week. plugged it in as was up and running. I did have problems setting up my network, but this was do to my ignorance. This is where they need better info on setting up a network and the package never mentioned that YOU DON'T have to use the supplied software. Now for the bad point. I had the service for about a week and a half and on sunday I had crackling on my phone, it was raining out so I though wait until tomorrow and if it doesn't stop to call BS. When I got home from work on monday I had no dial tone so I called BS and they said they would have someone out the next day and have it fixed by 6 PM. My landlord called me at work to tell me they were there. Not only did they not fix my problem they never checked my line. they ran a new line in for my landlord and wired my phone line in with a nieghbor 2 houses down the street and no DSL. I call BS FA and they told me to call the phone company, hey I pay for both PS and FA to BS they are the phone conpany. After many calls and bitching they had someone out the next morning to fix the problem they created then tried to charge me $90 to fix it.

Well all in all so far so good, It's a lot better than dialup. I have not had problems with email here at home but at work, which is also BS FA I always have problem.

By the way my landlord has Earthlink DSL in the same house, now using the same 2 pair line in from the street, and his speed is half of mine.


Since my last outage, bad DSLAM?? CO problem (not sure of the term), I have had great service/connection. No problems no complaints, except for the newsgroup feed and that seems to be fixed. Speed is always the same 1228-1235 D 218 U. I will never go back to dialup at my present location. By the way now that I have changed my landlord 2Wire router to a Linksy BEFSR41 and got rid of the HPNA network and rewired the house in CAT5 Ethernet he has basically the same speed as me. He's happy.

Edit 4/30/11

I had BS/ATT DSL all along. I upgraded to the 3Mbs service a while ago. I moved and kept all the same services. The only problems I've had is some slow times. with that I call and ask for a supervisor and ask to have my line reset. I always get "did you do XYZ" and my reply is "It Is Not On My End" "Please reset my connection or cancel my service RIGHT NOW". With that they reset the line and I'm back to my good speeds. I then say Thank you and Have a good day.

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