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Review by rlt2562 See Profile

  • Location: Haughton,Bossier,LA
  • Cost: $50 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 14 days
  • Telco party BellSouth
Good "Never any significant outages."
Bad "Caps/pending dictator TOS changes & T-Mobile Merger"
Overall "Finally seriously considering ISP & wireless defection."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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I posted my first review anonymously after a week or 2 of service (zip code 71037) back in January. I've since come to love DSL, and will never, ever go back to dial-up. BellSouth in my opinion has done an excellent job providing me with service that has never gone down, or been slow, or anything else bad that I've seen. I've had to call their tech support line once, and they gave me the correct information to correct a small glitch very quickly. Total time I was on the phone to resolve this was about 4 minutes, including me dialing, hold-hell, and the answer to my question! I will stay will BellSouth until the next-generation of science-fiction high-speed access is available.

Update: 10/23/03

Just yesterday I saw a TV commercial for the local cable co. high-speed service. Commit to a 12-month agreement, pay just 29.95 a month. I'm not going to switch, but if I continue to pay $45 a month for to much longer, I sure might. BellSouth? Would you care to drop your rates into the mid-$30 range??

Update: 11/18/03

After the first of the year, I will talk with people who have cable high-speed service (like my sister). If they haven't experienced anything negative (unreasonable outages, sub-par tech support), then I will seriously consider switching. I've heard Bell South has done some regional price cuts, but I haven't seen them here... yet. On the plus side, I'm still very happy with this service (just lower the price, ok?).

Update: 8/16/04

Still can't complain about my service other than the price. Bundling would help, but why pay for a long distance service I won't use when I can call on my cell phone service for free?? Local Cable Co. dropped the ball big time in this area by not increasing speed like they did in other market areas they cover (Cox). Won't switch until that happens (if ever in my $#@! lifetime). Oh well, guess I'll just be quiet about switching.

Update: 5/12/05

BellSouth decided to lower my price by $7 a month (15% give-or-take) about 4 months ago. I won't complain, and the service is still good. Sales pitch for bundling at the bottom I'm not interested in at all. We have free LD with the cell phone. Care to increase my up/down speeds for what I'm paying right now? I didn't think so...

Update: 11/13/07

Still no fiber, or speed increase either. Doesn't matter, I'll be moving to Texas by the summer of 2010.

Update: 5/19/08

It works as advertised. Still can't qualify for higher than 1.5/256. Cable internet speeds are well beyond an order of magnitude compared to what I have.

Update: 03/31/11

The lobbying power of AT&T is beyond belief. Imposing caps and overage fees on DSL when they are already a multi-BILLION dollar company is mind-boggling. Also, recent news about AT&T possibly swallowing up T-Mobile is not good for anyone but AT&T (and maybe a few departing T-Mobile execs). This merger will let them have a 40%+ market share on wireless. I've been a DSL & wireless customer for at least 7 years now, but I think it's time to move on. Enough is enough. I will now vote with my wallet.

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