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Review by kdouglas10 See Profile

  • Location: Jacksonville,Duval,FL
  • Cost: $32 per month
  • Install: about 3 days
  • Telco party AT&T
Good "Now PPOE; Mostly works all the time; modem seems to reset every 24-36 hrs"
Bad "Can't get above 2400 kbps downstream; AT&T DSL NOT FAST ENOUGH for happy ROKU experience; Apple TV OK; still running 480i"
Overall "03/11 Actively evaluating alternatives to use IPTV; More to follow"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
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Value for money:

I was the second person in our neighborhood to get DSL. Just 10,000 ft from the CO, we had to wait for BellSouth (BS) to decide to buy the MUX/DEMUX to interface with a fiber head-end. When the original tech came out to test my line, he said I was good to go for about 8000 kbps downstream. Never had much above 4500, but pretty soon BS throttled it back to 1100-1200 kbps. Still have the old bridged service and wonder if PPoe would be as good or better. If it was better, I would gladly move to BS Extreme service. You know how it is, though - when it is working well enough, WHY CHANGE ANYTHING? Before I got DSL, I used 56K dial-up for about 8 months because it was faster than cable modem when half the folks on my block were using their cable service. I still do a little computer tech support in the neighborhood, and my observation is that on the whole, customers are more satisfied with their BS DSL than with Comcast Cable modems. As long as the Comcast techs keep installing modems via USB connections rather than using Ethernet, the speed is worse (even when customers are paying for 3000 kbps down) than standard DSL from BS. About a year ago, I helped the Property Owners Association move from dial-up to DSL. We had equipment mailed to us (took 2 days to get it), self-installed, networked and everything was good to go in about 2 hours total!

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