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Review by bigozone See Profile

  • Location: Gray,Knox,KY
  • Cost: $49 per month
  • Install: about 2 days
  • Telco party AT&T
Good "$49 for DSL-extreme 6.0 and local phone.... tried dsl-lite but it was too slow for me"
Bad "outages, and bellsouth's excellent tech support has been outsourced to some trained moneys"
Overall "where else can you find DSL 6.0 and local Phone for $49? but it sure helps if you install a home run"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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I'm a 40y/o PC repair tech so the install was painless and didn't even use their installation software. I ran my own "home-run" direct DSL line years ago.. Since first doing this review I've had 2 of the 2Wire modems crap out. So since AT&T bought out BELL SOUTH, the customer service especially the call centers have went to hell, (still feel that way) and they lowered the speeds across the board trying to compensate for too many users for their current setup.... and they have no intention of upgrading anything until U-VERSE makes it to rural south east KY (10 yrs?) How each night until the data base switches your account to the new settings).

it's great if you don't need tech support..... if you do, try to get to a supervisor or level 2 tech ASAP... all the first level of operators can do is read from a script, and few of them have actual OS knowledge or know anything about setting up a phone so for even a supported product i'd try to get the case escalated that way to can talk to someone who knows what they are talking about (not just reading a script).

Re-upgraded after trying DSL-lite for a few months, but was very unsatisfied with speeds and the ping times in particular. after the DSL Extreme 6.0 became active now my computer seems slow vs the net even using chrome.... maybe time for a reload of the OS. That aside, now i have 40ms ping times up and down the east coast and the mid-west. even though the upload speed is averaging around 420Kbs when advertised as UPTO 512Kbs,,,, but on the WONDERFUL SIDE i'm now on page 1 of AT&T SOUTH.


when considering bang for the buck, i feel i have the best deal in town.

i don't care what anyone says since it's the only real 1 line DSL option in my area.

i'm on the first page of speed results on a $350 walmart laptop that is over 4 years old but has has many upgrades including a C2D T5750 2gig CPU, 3 Gigs of ram, DL DVD BURNER, atheros 5007G class factory card (the 5008 died but it was fun while it lasted)... now my acer aspire 5315 is decked out with all that and an internal webcam and bluetooth also!! and now finally the internet service can keep up w/ my 3.5 year old technology. too bad the 5008 died now that i can afford a class N Wifi router...

NOW TO SAVE SOME $$ for a good N class ATT compatible DSL modem/router combo.

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updated 2.7 years ago


Burlington, NC

ATT Bait, Switch, and just don't seem to care.

Don't know if this the right spot to b!tch or not but my current story with AT&T DSL......

End of June I call to get basic DSL service as AT&T advertises constantly for around $15.00/month with 12 month commitment. I don't have high bandwidth needs like some.

I'm told that's not available for my area but "We can offer you our DSL 6.0 for $19.95/month with 12 month commitment-free router included..."

So, I sign up.

Get the first bill at the end of July and it's around $50.00-$60.00. (Looking for it. Recollection currently.) Wonder if there is some B.S. "activation" fee i.e. profit that's attached to it like everything else and that's the reason for the higher bill.

Try to contact by phone and can't get anyone after holding for a long time to make sure I understand all billing. Tried to get them online through their chat system and was told "Please call...the number I had called."

Get the bill for next month. $53.00

Call-Get someone! She's polite and states that the person that took the order did not apply some in-house "promotion" and that's why bills are higher. She informs me that she will apply it and apply credit towards the previous bill. That's the end of August.

September bill comes. $53.00. I stop paying as that's what I'm advised to do by others because when you pay no-one cares. And honestly, I'm thinking some other information is gonna' come showing all of the corrections. Then I'll pay everything to zero.

But nothing comes. I know things are gonna' automatically get switched off. No problem. Happens near the end of October. So the calls begin again with them.

Call. Same story as the original person in August. Some "magical promotion" wasn't applied. And now they are trying to tell me that the originator of the deal could not even offer $19.95 DSL service.

I explain to them that has nothing to do with me whatsoever. And I will gladly pay everything to zero balance for what was quoted to me. We go back and forth. The person completely knows that they are wrong but won't attempt to correct anything or offer any alternative. None. Finally they state that they will "escalate" the ticket and have a manager call me back. This is about a 30 minute phone call by the way. I have the records.

They never call.

I call back the next day. Go through the same scenario. I ask for any manager on the floor. Get someone!

Same broken record. Keeps trying to tell me that 6.0 DSL for the time period costs $53.00/month. I keep telling this person that has nothing to do with what I have been quoted. Nothing. They could charge $5.00/month or $500.00/month for the service at that time and I am still required to pay $19.95/month. Even if it was $5.00/month, I have agreed to pay $19.95/month.

Again, every person in the chain knows that they are wrong. Whenever I prove this too them or put them in a corner they state "Let me put you on hold while I investigate this further." Every time. This "Manager" says the same thing. And then comes back with "You were mistakenly quoted $19.95/month for the time period". So, I've got them right there. They admit to quoting $19.95/month. Any mistake that they claim is their responsibility. I have this on audio with them. I also informed them that they are being recorded in case anyone is thinking of wiretapping laws.

The "Manager" states she will investigate further and "escalate" the ticket again to see what can be done. And then will call back tomorrow. She never called.

So to recap:

Called for basic $14.95/month DSL. Told it wasn't available.

Agreed to $19.95/month 6.0 DSL with free equipment and 12 month commitment.

All bills now reflect charges of $53.00+-/month.

They have admitted that they are wrong, however at this point elect to do nothing. And trust me, I know how this works. They will try to force a 12 month commitment on me as well at this $53.00/month rate. Then the equipment will magically not be free anymore in some way.

At this point, I have spoken to 5 different people and will be calling back tomorrow to discuss this madness. I'll post back all results.

All calls are recorded.

(Posted this in another area. Thought it might be better suited here. Suggestions and/or criticism welcomed.)


Burlington, NC

Re: ATT Bait, Switch, and just don't seem to care.

Update. Went through the whole process again.

First contact.
Second contact.
Back to billing.
Then to accounting. (I think....lost count of the calls and people...)

FINALLY someone helped me and applied credit towards the account from the beginning. Looked at the information, didn't give arguments, and had a supervisor ok the amount. Wish I had her name to give her credit. Full names can't be given in this department apparently.

Anyway, it appears at this point they have acknowledged their mistakes and are attempting to correct them. We'll see as the future bills come.

Quick recap:

Signed on for $19.95 6.0 DSL with AT&T-free equipment-12 month commitment.

Was being billed around $53.00 per month from the start.

After roughly 8 phone calls with 10 people and a total phone time of around 2 hours and 30 minutes, things have been resolved provide future billing reflects the correct amount.

Thanks for reading.

Gray, KY

Re: ATT Bait, Switch, and just don't seem to care.

hate to hear your troubles w/ AT&T,, but i'm glad you finally got to a tech who was able to correct everything.

i had to call and take call features off my land line, and had the intention of downgrading my DSL just to save $.... then when the tech i was talking to transfered me to the RETENTION dept, where they offered me an extra $15 off my DSL if i would keep the DSL 6.0 and the home phone.

so if you ever have a similar issue just ask to downgrade your DSL speed or have your home phone disconnected if they can't transfer you to the RENTENTION dept.

Atlanta GA


AT&T charges per data downloaded

I have had okay service from AT&T for years, paying the $49.95 a month plus the junk fees. Worked good enough, had a few outages.

This past month, apparently they implemented a cap on their downloads to 150GB per month?!?!? They were "waiving" the charges, until this month when it shows up on my bill for going over.

I'm going to try switching to a reseller who doesn't charge the cap fee, any other ideas, suggestions, or alternatives out there?

Gray, KY

Re: AT&T charges per data downloaded

i've yet to see any cap overage charges, but it seems that many providers have had them in place for some time now. they may be implementing the charges in larger cities where their current infrastructure is more likely to already be over-populated.

since i'm in a rural area where AT&T is really my only option for DSL unless i can find a reseller who is willing to come to my area, i'm stuck with AT&T unless i want a 7 second ping time that goes along with sat-internet.

you didn't say if you were still on DSL but the $49.95 fee makes me think you already have U-verse, unless you are paying $42.95 for a DSL 6.0 and then the extra $ to get a static IP?

either way i think the caps are BS, especially when the only time you can see a speed that gets close to the advertised MAX speed.

i'll also say this, AT&T has ruined the quality of service that bellsouth used to provide before the take-over. since then AT&T has not done anything to keep-up with the bandwidth requirements as they continue to add new customers to their DSL services. AT&T seems to be more worried about generating more income without adding any additional servers to keep up with the demand created by adding these new customers. Too bad they can't take 10% of all DSL income from each area & exchange code and ear-mark that money for more servers and additional back-bone data delivery for those areas. i'd pay 10% more for an un-capped line, and i'm sure many others would too. but that would cost them too much in overhead alone just to figure out each exchange's additonal income (or at least they would claim some kind of B.S. like that)

with AT&T it's all about the $ they can take, and not about making happier customers.