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Review by bigozone See Profile

  • Location: Gray,Knox,KY
  • Cost: $49 per month
  • Install: about 2 days
  • Telco party AT&T
Good "$49 for DSL-extreme 6.0 and local phone.... tried dsl-lite but it was too slow for me"
Bad "outages, and bellsouth's excellent tech support has been outsourced to some trained moneys"
Overall "where else can you find DSL 6.0 and local Phone for $49? but it sure helps if you install a home run"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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I'm a 40y/o PC repair tech so the install was painless and didn't even use their installation software. I ran my own "home-run" direct DSL line years ago.. Since first doing this review I've had 2 of the 2Wire modems crap out. So since AT&T bought out BELL SOUTH, the customer service especially the call centers have went to hell, (still feel that way) and they lowered the speeds across the board trying to compensate for too many users for their current setup.... and they have no intention of upgrading anything until U-VERSE makes it to rural south east KY (10 yrs?) How each night until the data base switches your account to the new settings).

it's great if you don't need tech support..... if you do, try to get to a supervisor or level 2 tech ASAP... all the first level of operators can do is read from a script, and few of them have actual OS knowledge or know anything about setting up a phone so for even a supported product i'd try to get the case escalated that way to can talk to someone who knows what they are talking about (not just reading a script).

Re-upgraded after trying DSL-lite for a few months, but was very unsatisfied with speeds and the ping times in particular. after the DSL Extreme 6.0 became active now my computer seems slow vs the net even using chrome.... maybe time for a reload of the OS. That aside, now i have 40ms ping times up and down the east coast and the mid-west. even though the upload speed is averaging around 420Kbs when advertised as UPTO 512Kbs,,,, but on the WONDERFUL SIDE i'm now on page 1 of AT&T SOUTH.


when considering bang for the buck, i feel i have the best deal in town.

i don't care what anyone says since it's the only real 1 line DSL option in my area.

i'm on the first page of speed results on a $350 walmart laptop that is over 4 years old but has has many upgrades including a C2D T5750 2gig CPU, 3 Gigs of ram, DL DVD BURNER, atheros 5007G class factory card (the 5008 died but it was fun while it lasted)... now my acer aspire 5315 is decked out with all that and an internal webcam and bluetooth also!! and now finally the internet service can keep up w/ my 3.5 year old technology. too bad the 5008 died now that i can afford a class N Wifi router...

NOW TO SAVE SOME $$ for a good N class ATT compatible DSL modem/router combo.

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