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Review by elcuco See Profile

  • Location: Miami,Miami-Dade,FL
  • Cost: $60 per month
  • Install: about 5 days
  • Telco party AT&T
Good "my phone line is pots, had phone after katrina & wilma hit"
Bad "I pay for 1.5 mbps & never get that download speed, have to keep calling customer service & requesting to check my service."
Overall "they are forcing you to buy uverse service."
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none, didnt want comcast, tried aol for a while before dsl came out. had the 3 mbps dsl, then they came out with uverse and they told me i could no longer get the 3 meg dsl, downgraded to 1.5 meg, but have never gotten the speed i pay for.
have the netgear versalink b90.
Easy to pay for service on line.

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Baton Rouge, LA

They're forcing us to buy uverse service

That could be why my dsl service from Louisiana AT&T has gradually become rotten over the last year. It's speed measures the specified number of near 6 mb/sec., but the download of web pages is increasingly slow, and NetFlix streams that start out OK or poor often degrade to even worse over time.

I've been testing my dsl connection for latency, packet loss, and (I think) latency jitter with SmokePing, available here. I get some pretty ugly graphs from noon to around 9pm every day.

If anyone out there cares to comment on what SmokePing actually measures, I would be grateful. I've yet to see a clear explanation of SmokePing provided by this site (Or findable with a Google search, even!)



Re: They're forcing us to buy uverse service

I am in your same boat, the only difference is that I am in Florida.

Baton Rouge, LA

Re: They're forcing us to buy uverse service

Thanks. I had no clue what was going on 'til I looked here. I'm switching to cable. I could be wrong though. I could still try complaining to AT&T and they might fix it. Have you tried that?