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Review by replikant See Profile

  • Location: Irmo,Richland,SC
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
  • Telco party AT&T
Good "Already installed, so I guess that's good."
Bad "Regular dropped connection, poor equipment, low speed cap, the list goes on"
Overall "Good service for 2002, but hasn't kept up with the times."
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When I bought my house in 2004 I installed AT&T DSL, and as soon at the 6Mbps option came out I upgraded to that. The installation was by far the easiest time I've dealt with AT&T. All comments are for Irmo, SC.

My biggest gripes:

1. Service outages - For MONTHS I've had to deal with service outages at regular times. For the entirety of last summer (2012) my service went down between 8pm and 1am give or take an hour. Bad enough if I were just goofing off before bed, but I work from home and my prime time for working is at night.

2. Customer service - OK, I assume that every telecom has terrible customer service, but as many times as I've been stuck in AT&T's voice activated robot hell I think I've earned a complaint or two here. It took me hours, not to mention dozens of points on my blood pressure, to reach someone in the right department. Once I did, they were unable to discover any issues. They did offer to send someone to test my lines, but if no problem was found at the moment the tech was here, I would be charged $100. Not too useful for an intermittent failure. Other than that there was no investigation made on why I've had this problem off and on for a year.

3. Speed - AT&T has either reached the limits of DSL technology or is unwilling to advance them further. Either way, 6M service isn't cutting it, not at the far lower speeds I actually see.

4. Uverse - For all of that, I'd be willing to swap everything over to Uverse. I've heard great things about it. Hell I've heard great things from people two blocks or so down my neighborhood, but it isn't available to me. In fact Uverse hasn't expanded up my neighborhood in the two years I've been monitoring for it.

I know company reps read these reviews, so here's my final words to you: I know you cannot fix these problems from a tech support standpoint, but AT&T as a company needs to take a long hard it's home internet program and decide if it even wants to be in this game. I wouldn't sign my grandparents up for DSL at this point. DSL is dead technology. I'm giving AT&T until June to at least plan to expand Uverse to my end of the road, and after that I am switching to cable. I hate cable, but I'm out of options.

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Mobile, AL

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AT&T is cheap

AT&T wants to cherry pick and spend as little money as possible by only upgrading the areas that are easiest. If I were in your shoes and had the option for cable I wouldn't bother waiting until June.