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Review by smashcraft See Profile

  • Location: Louisville,Jefferson,KY
  • Cost: $25 per month
  • Telco party BellSouth
Good "Solid POTS connection, Complete Choice Basic is a good value!"
Bad "Line noise after rain"
Overall "Solid, reliable connection, decent price."
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1/14/13: ordered new telephone service from AT&T (old Bellsouth) on 1/6/13 to port from local cable telephone company. Due to poor cell phone reception, I need to keep a POTS line. Becuase of a promotional offer, I pay 22.59 after taxes for the complete choice basic package. It includes unlimited local calling, caller ID and call waiting ID. No long distance, no other features. Installer arrived around 3:00PM and had to re-configure my NID outside since Insight cut the Bell telephone line a few years ago when installing their service. Dialtone was present in about 30 minutes and the installer closed out the number port. My telephone number was active within an additional 30 minutes.

I did not order any internet services as my only option was Uverse and had prior issues with their customer service in the past. The customer service with AT&T Phone/DSL has been amazing. DSL is not available anymore where I live, and even if it was, I cannot drop to a lower speed having had 15megs through my cable company for so long.

Overall, I have been pleased with this phone service and the customer service received. More updates to follow...

4/3/13: solid connection, no problems to speak of. A porting issue occurred for about two weeks after my telephone number was ported. Anyone using my previous provider (Insight Phone) was having issues calling my telephone number. It was giving a number disconnected intercept message. After investigation, there was something wrong at the switch so it has since been taken care of. Still have the basic phone, no long distance, but do have caller ID and call waiting ID. After taxes, it is about 24.00 a month. Definitely cheaper than my previous telephone service with the cable company.

7/15/13: basic landline, solid, reliable connection. No issues to speak of with AT&T Landline with the exception of line noise after it rains. Reported the issue once before, was fixed within a few days. After heavy rains this past week, problem has came back. AT&T repair seems to do a good job and will call within a few hours of the reported trouble. Happy with the customer service, and this company seems to be different than the Uverse Services. Bill is the same every month, no problems or concerns at this time. Still on a promotional rate of 25.00 after taxes for unlimited local calling with caller ID and call waiting ID. Will reevaluate at the end of the year. AT&T has seemed to stop offering landline telephone in my area since Uverse is available. Scary thought as this is a reliable, solid connection.

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just wait until that promo is over

after you promo your $24 bill will jump to around $40.