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Review by eak See Profile

  • Location: Clarkston,Oakland,MI
  • Cost: $41 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 3 days
  • Telco party AT&T
Good "They service Michigan as a monopolistic entity. Funhouse RULES!"
Bad "And the more you bend over, the better they service you. what uverse?"
Overall "SBC/Ameritech/ATT funhouse ROCKS! Tier1 phone support sucks rocks."
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Update 27/Feb/2013 - What happened?

About 3 months after I went live on uVerse DSL I was upgraded to 24Mbit down/3Mbit up under a "promotion". I ran speed tests and I was in fact getting that speed. Had intermittent line problems this morning and logged into my modem for the first time in a long time and now Im at 12Mbit down/1Mbit up (even through "Max" is supposed to be 12Mbit down, 1.5Mbit up) and what Im ACTUALLY set for is 11,996Kbps down / 1024Kbps up.Spent an hour on the phone with tier 1 who wants to roll a truck when the problem is obviously either at the VRAD or in the C/O but of course they won't admit it.

I am so sick of telco selling one thing, delivering another and making changes without notifying you. Oh yeah, and they just raised my cost $5.00/mo.

Update 04/Jan/2012 - Welcome back ATT & Dish

Well, Comcast sucks. 54 outages in 32 days. Couldn't take it any more some I am back in ATT hell. At least the uVerse DSL install went smoothly. 3 days from order to install and I have a new wireless DSL router for "coming back to ATT".

Update 16/October/2010 - Hasta La Vista, ATT!

I have been a member of the Midwest forum almost since this site started.

I had to FIGHT and I mean FIGHT to get DSL in my new home. It took getting VP's involved and getting two linemen who were removing loads from my circuit fired to get it.

I have been pushing and prodding for uVerse since I found out it got installed in my CO. I have watched vRad being deployed all around us including runs that had to pass by our sub dmarq and still no uVerse.

About 5 weeks ago I was finally told uVerse was available but when I went to order it, all I could get was uVerse DSL. No TV. Yippe. The exact same DSL speed I already had for $5 less a month.

I just found out Dish (which I got through ATT) dropped Fox Sports Detroit so no more Red Wings games. On 01/Nov we will also lose the local Fox affiliate (which means no American Idol and all the other shows my wife and kids love to watch).

So I called ATT on Friday and I said you have 2 choices. Give me uVerse TV by 01/November or I will no longer use ATT phone, DSL or Dish network. They told me there is nothing they could do. The service person "tried" to get me qualified without success.

So I hung up the phone and I got Comcast with 3X my "uVerse DSL" service speed, more channels and unlimited local and long distance calling for about $80.00/month less than I was paying for all of those services from ATT.

I really don't want Comcast. I hate Comcast. And NO I don't want Direct TV, either. So, so long and thanks for all the bad memories.

Hasta la Vista, ATT!

Update 02/March.2010

I have been trying to get uVerse here for well over 2 years. I continue to see degradation in the performance of my DSL line and Im tired of piss poor upstream bandwidth.

A recently made friend who is a digital line guy for Ameritech investigated and confirmed that I STILL can't get uverse out of the C/O that is literally 1100 linear feet and 2200 cable feet from the dmarq for my sub, 600' cable from my house that has a VRAD sitting out by the street. Go figure.

But he also told me something that just PISSES me off. They now show me as >10,000 cable feet from the C/O, last measured in Nov 2008 at under 6000 cable feet which means they have AGAIN put loads on the circuit either between me and the sub dmarq or between our dmarq and the C/O.

I HATE AMERITECH! I swear if I didn't despise Comcast cable even more I would completely dump everything Ameritech in my home.

I guess I get to go waste even more of my valuable time, probably getting in touch with VP's of customer service AGAIN, demanding a Class A on my line AGAIN all to force Ameritech to just give me the damn service I pay for and to quit screwing with my lines.

Update 24/Nov/2009 3:00PM

I have had uverse available out of my CO (PNTCMINR) for almost 2 years. I am 2135 feet from said CO that has had a VRAD for more than a year with a spinning power meter on it to my sub dmarq and 600 feet from the dmarq to my home

And yet I still can't get uverse. For more than 2 years I have been going to the uverse site, checking availability, filling out the little email/phone number/name questionnaire and faithfully checking the little box "contact me to see how I can help get ATT Uverse in my neighborhood".

No calls. No email. No responses. No service. I obviously have had no problem paying out the wazoo for overpriced Elite DSL service. I also am experiencing the monthly rape called AT&T landline service, I am an AT&T cellphone user and I have Yahoo Dish Network service for my TV.

Obviously, I give ATT too much money for them to consider me a good candidate for their best service. Im sick of the crappy 6Mbit DSL service so I guess its time to switch to Comcast. Ill make sure I take the 20-30 neighbors who asked for help setting up their DSL, wireless and Dish receivers when I tell them to switch with me to Comcast. At least then we will all get faster Internet access. And I guess if I am to believe the Comcast ads, they have a higher quality HD picture and I can dump my AT&T land lines and get Vonage.

If there is anyone with an AT&T uVerse clue that can help me part the sea of cluelessness and actually get uVerse spun up, I am intersted but come Jan 1st, if I don't have uVerse, Im going to say goodbye to ATT DSL, ATT phone and the Dish.

I will make sure I add all of this to my AT&T review as well. It won't make it much worse than it already is but Ill make sure I drop my stars down to 1 just to make a point.

Update 04/Nov/2008 3:005PM

Tom the cable tech came onsite. He ended up replacing my pair to the CO. He is still measuring the cable distance at over 6000 feet. Yes, to the CO 1/4 of a mile away. Over 1 mile. Something is still wrong but Tom is either too clueless or believes that playing stupid would placate me enough to let him feel like he had finished his job and there were no further problems. My line is still only testing to a max speed of ~8Mbit (it has always tested to ~10Mbit) but this is better that the 5 IP addresses (because I host servers) but such is life in Ameritech/SBC/ATT land. I get a TON of marketing garbage every week asking me if I want cheaper DSL (they never advertise cheaper rates for static IP packages), convert from cable to their digital TV service (a partnership with Dish network, and Ive been a Dish subscriber for 6 years) and switch to AT&T cellular (my wife has been a Cingular, now AT&T customer for 5 years) but I guess Ill just let them continue to waste their marketing dollars.

The Funhouse forum is still the best reason to join this website and its the one thing that I can say has kept me being a DSL customer. The moment I can eliminate them from my home for higher bi-directional speed, I will be gone. Their monopoly on my C/O and the state of Michigan will probably prevent that from happening before my 4yr old graduates from high school.

Updated December 25, 2005

I would like to publicly state that BeachBoy, Toaster and (Bill) ROCK! They actually had my line up to correct speed within 5 minutes of me posting. We ran into a few snags caused by me removing voice mail off my DSL line last week but BeachBoy and Bill went WAY above and beyond the call of duty. Both stayed 2 hours beyond the end of their shift to work the the issue.

Thank you BeachBoy, Bill & Toaster! You make me more than thankful this forum is here every time I have ever had an issue! This forum is the reason I am still an SBC customer and it is the only reason I give SBC support 2 HUGE thumbs up!


Updated 05November 2004 -

Had a speed related issue. Solved in minutes by Beach Boy!

Updated 16March2004 - BeachBoy ROCKS! My current tech support rating is based COMPLETELY upon the guys participating in the SBC forum online. Without them, it would be a 1! Needed my password reset. Done in a flash. Needed my speed cap checked. It had been set back to 4Mbit instead of 6Mbit. Reset and working beautifully. THANK YOU!

Updated 16March2004 - BeachBoy ROCKS! My current tech support rating is based COMPLETELY upon the guys participating in the SBC forum online. Without them, it would be a 1! I ordered the Expoert+S upgrade for my DSL line and was having problems getting the expected speed levels out of it. I would post his real name here but I don't think I should. This man is another BIG reason why I am still an SBC DSL customer. Thanks!

Updated 03/01/2004 - MAXO ROCKS! Noon on a Sunday and he helped me try to track down a problem with my sister-in-laws ADSL in Sterling Heights, MI. Now I just wish that there was an online interface to SBIS so that I could request that they reset her Radius session without having to wade through phone hell. This support forum is THE BEST! SBC phone support still sucks rocks. When my s-i-l called up support they told her to go talk to a video game manufacturer about why her DSL wouldn't let her surf. Ill be tracking down that person today to have them reprimanded.

Updated 12Dec2003 - ADSLguy ROCKS! Noticed my bill was reporting that I had Expert/S package but I should only be on Deluxe/S. Sent IM to ADSLguy. He called ME! Asked for confirmation. Called me back 20 minutes later and everything is cool. Just ran speed test: 1286/321. Ive said this before. The online support you get from the Funhouse forum is the best thing that has ever happened to SBC/Ameritech data service. They have again impressed me with their courtesy, prompt follow through and professionalism. They should get a bonus for every good review they get for SBC. THANKS!

Updated 12Oct2003 - If the SBC support forum was offered any place other than DSLReports I would never come back here.

Updated 23Sep2003 Well, I have been VERY happy with SBC. Their front line phone support has been more than a bit of a let down but the support here in the Ameritech/SBC forums is, in a word INCREDIBLE!. I recently split my business line with lineshare ADSL with static IPs off to their own bill. What a circus! The business rep said it was a no brainer. I wouldnt see any downtime or outage. In actuality they canceled my DSL and phone line, assigned a new phone number to me and I was down for 2 days before I could get it all straightened out. In the process I think I got a front line phone support contractor fired for lying to me but its all in a days work. Im upping my view of tech support to 4/5 ONLY because of the support forum here. I pity anyone who has to call in for support.

Updated 21Jan2003 Ameritech is now SBC.

Updated 13Jan2003 0:00:00AM - trying to get it listed as my ISP

On Dec 27 2002 I placed my order to upgrade my 768/160 to 1500/256. The order process went relatively smooth. Due date was 06Jan2003, which came and went. On 07Jan SBC maintenance reported the upgrade as complete but it was not. ADSLguy in the Ameritech tech support forum confirmed that there was an error in the redback profile which still had me capped at 768/160. It took until Thursday night and almost 8 hours on the phone to get an ASI tech through the tech support line to uncap me. Unfortunately another ASI tech re-capped me Friday morning because my business profile hadn't been properly updated by the business office. 8 more hours over 3 more days, 5 - 1st line techs, 3 supervisors, 2 managers, 5 ASI techs, 3 maintenance techs, 4 billing reps, 2 escalation techs, a call to corporate with a demand for an executive appeal and 3 calls with the escalation engineer didn't accomplish what 3 IM's to ADSLguy accomplished in 1 day. I can't say enough about how awesome his support and the other Ameritech personnel in the Ameritech forum has been.


1) Any other DSL provider in my CO offered service


2) Ameritech didn't require you to have a phone line from them on the pair with your DSL line, even though its business class service with static IP's


3) if ANY other telephone company offered local service to me

then I would dump Ameritech in a heartbeat and take every person I know with me. However, Im saying that without the choice nor the experience of actually using any company but Ameritech in Michigan since they still pretty much have the monipoly on service here.

I believe it is robbery that I have to pay $80.00 a month for 1.5Mb/256Kb PLUS $25.00 for a voice line to get a static IP address with 256Kbit upstream bandwidth. Its not like they couldn't put a 1 year checkout on the DHCP for my router. It doesn't take any more engineering to set up a static IP than for a dynamic IP. You can get the exact same speed with a dynamic IP for $49.00 but then theres still that voice line charge.

Tech support is a MAJOR problem for Ameritech. Most of the front line has been outsourced to at least 2 companies who have limited access to the people who can actually do the work. Also, SBC is going through some significant growing pains as it integrates the DSL networks of the other telco's it has purchased. To top it off, they consider the wiring side and the data side two completely seperate companies. THis can cause more than a few headaches when you have wiring related problem which is causing you dificulty with the data circuit.

Overall, the stability of the circuit at 768/160 has been pretty much flawless in the last 18 months which is probably better than what you can say about any other provider. You are taking your life into your own hands if you should ever decide to make a change to either the voice or data side and be prepared wait for a long time to get anything done with painfully long hold times with tech support and thats if you actually know what to ask for and you aren't afraid to ask for managers. You will be far better off using the Ameritech support forum.

If I can answer any questions, don't be afraid to ask.

And when you believe you just can't fight any more, remember the following phrase:


You will need to get to the corporate offices to get it but it can work miracles.


Update 21June2001 - the key to getting things done when you are at your wits end is to contact the Executive Appeals organization, demand an executive appeal and demand an executive complaint number when you file it. 5 weeks after contacting the Executive compaint organization, I now have DSL.

===============Initial order detail===========================

I placed my order for voice service 6 weeks ago, at the direction of Ameritech Team Data, specifically so that I could have DSL active when I move into my new home next week. I work from home and I MUST have connectivity to do my job.

They assigned me a 248-393-XXXX number which is serviced by the PNTCMINR

»/coinfo/clli/P ··· PNTCMINR CO at 3556 Walton, right at the corner of Baldwin and Waldon. This is so close to my house that, if it weren't for trees, I could see it. It is less than 2000 feet. Instead of setting up my lines to be serviced by that CO, they instead set me up to be serviced by the Independance township CO, PNTCMINE(D?) »/coinfo/clli/P ··· PNTCMINE

at 3385 PONTIAC RD and now they tell me I am (of course) too far from the CO (>14000 feet) and that they won't create a DSL order for me.

I have spent >4 hours on the phone and Ameritech is telling me that they can get my line changed so that it will be serviced by the correct CO so Im crossing my fingers.

I really REALLY do NOT like dealing with Ameritech.


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Your U-verse problem

If you want to get faster help, I have two suggestions:

Post in the AT&T Midwest direct forum on this site. More than likely, a technician will get actual help arranged for you.

Secondly, when contacting U-verse technical support, here's a helpful tip:

Immediately upon being greeted, ask to speak to Tier 2. In most cases, you'll get no argument about being transferred, or else you will be asked simply for your account number prior to transfer. If a Tier 1 agent says "well maybe I can help" or "I need to know the problem before I transfer you", politely repeat your request to be transferred to tier 2.

Their job is to transfer you to Tier 2 immediately upon request. Most of the time, that's exactly what happens. The help is from individuals that aren't reading from a "reset your router" script or "run the AT&T speed test that uses AT&T servers" script.

A truck roll may honestly be what you need, but if the technician doesn't have some kind of pooled data that is associated with the type of monitoring that tier 2 can do over the course of a couple of days, he may not really have enough information to fix your problem, even after 2 or 3 trips that are all repeat attempts to fix the same problem.