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Six Month Rating

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Review by W8ASA See Profile

  • Location: Dayton,Montgomery,OH
  • Cost: $79 per month
  • Install: about 6 days
  • Telco party AT&T
Good "Solid Connection"
Bad "Price has gotten way out of line"
Overall "No longer recommended"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

My Other Reviews

·Time Warner Cable
UPDATE 12-7-2014: I have left ATT after 26 years, because their bill kept going up and up, and the fastest internet speed I could get from them at my office was 6 Mbps. I saved $80 per month by switching to Time Warner. Same number of phone lines and faster internet speed.

UPDATE 6-17-2014: Still a solid connection. Too bad I can't get U-Verse and its higher speeds. Price went up this year.

UPDATE 10-3-2013: No problems to report. It's raining heavily today, and DSL is still up, so what else is there to say? I've had this service a LOOOOOOONG time now!

UPDATE 6-30-2010: I don't have any problems to report. Still works as it should, night and day. I "almost" want to have a problem just so I can post in the Midwest forum again. Still at 6016/600.

UPDATE 08-24-2009: Another boring year with the only problem being their e-mail servers messing up once in a while during the authentication process.

UPDATE 10-09-2008: Continues working with no problems. I do miss the newsgroups they dropped for no apparent good reason.

UPDATE 10-25-2007: It still works. What else is there to say? I have nothing but good things to say, and zero problems this past year.

UPDATE 11-24-2006: I remember the "old" days when reviews would be scathing about various DSL vendors. Nothing is wrong with my connection or service. The only thing I'd like to see is a lower rate... heh heh.

UPDATE 8-30-2006: Another boringly positive review. No problems, just the advertised speed and service. Newsgroups work, e-mail works. Don't you wish YOUR connection were this solid?

UPDATE 4-20-2006: The connection works every day just as it should, and is rock-solid. I have no complaints at all.

UPDATE 11-18-2005: I just upgraded to the 6.0/608 connection, and saved 5 bucks per month in the process from what I had been paying for my 3.0 meg connection (business). I had called to re-rate my 3.0 to a lower price, and the nice lady happened to mention the new 6.0 price of $64.95 per month. About six days later, the connection gives me 4848/500 or so. I'll keep tweaking to see what speed I can wring out of this solid connection. This is the way DSL is supposed to operate. No problems on upgrade, and I'm getting what I pay for. Next stop - ADSL2. I gave a medium on tech support because I haven't called them in so long that I don't have an opinion at all on their tech support. That's a good thing, by the way. I use their newsgroups, and without problems.

UPDATE 1-8-2005: Since the terrible snafu(s) last fall, my connection has been solid. I'm getting ~2.4 Mb down on a nominal 3.0 connection. No drops in connection have been noted at all. SBC also hosts several web sites for me, and the only problem they have shown in the past several years is that SPAM COP apparently dislikes the SBC IP addresses, because some of my customers are missing e-mails from me due to their companies' use of SPAM COP.

UPDATE 9-22-2004: I had service for a few days, and then yesterday came into the office to find that I had no sync - nada. Tech told me something about being switched in the RT from a 4-person card to a 500-person card involving fiber optics so I wouldn't be losing sync. Trouble ticket sent to SBC wire guys, I think. This morning I have sync/no surf, and no one knows why. I talked to the techs in St. Louis, who have tried to help. They said that as of 9:04 this morning, the local SBC truck had me on their roll list of things to do. It's a little after noon and nothing yet. I even called the SBD I&R local office manager and left him a message. This is so incredibly frustrating. After all these years of great service, they've managed to completely drop the ball.

UPDATE 9-14-2004: Still not up, and the call from their network center in St. Louis this afternoon informed me that they don't know WHEN OR IF I will be up an running. No one at SBC or ASI seems to have a clue as to how to get this simple move accomplished. It's very, very frustrating. I've escalated it as high as they will let me to no avail. It's a black hole of information. Copper guys blame it on ASI, and ASI doesn't know what is really wrong.

UPDATE 9-12-2004: I moved from one part of town to another recently, and took my phone numbers and DSL with me. Because I had a 6000/608, they decided I couldn't have that any more, so I'm on a 1.5-3.0 plan. On Thursday, 9 Sept, my connection worked OK, getting 2247 downloads. On Friday, I came in to work and the DSL was down. Called tech support twice and got two different answers. No response yet from the SBC Direct guys as to what the problem actually is. First tech spt guy had me do the usual: disconnect router, use XP's PPPoE, to no avail. At least the second guy didn't have me do that again. However, he told me that "7people or more in my area are affected" by this outage, caused by "DSL capacity issues/server busy on Junipers. "Equipment and/or application name Junipers" were the words he read off some screen on his computer. Until this problem is solved, I have downgraded my ratings of SBC. I just cannot seem to get a straight answer, and my small business depends greatly on a fast internet connection. I know there is probably one person at the NOC who could quickly analyze and correct the problem, but who is she/he? Could it be an RT problem? One SBC person told me I'm now on an RT, and another told me he can't tell if I am or not. Fingers crossed, but if this isn't corrected on Monday, I'm going over to the dark side.

UPDATE 7-26-2004: Still going strong, with no downtime whatsoever. They seem to have speeded up the newsgroup servers. This service rocks!

UPDATE 2-24-2004: I'm getting right at 5000 download, so I'm pleased as punch! Solid connection with zero downtime. Speedstream 5360 with BEFSR41 router.

UPDATE 12-5-2003: Upgrade to 6000/608 went smoothly and right on time, thanks to the Moose! Seems very solid so far. For speeds, I'm getting around 4800/512, so will do a little more tweaking. Thanks to da Moose!

UPDATE 11-24-2003: Still doing fine. I have not had any downtime whatsoever, and use the connection all day long here in my office. Very pleased. I am considering the upgrade to 6000. Just need approval for the cost difference.

UPDATE 4-17-03:

Still running fine. Zero downtime. News server still won't let me post to some groups, and no one can figure out why.

UPDATE 1-13-2003:

Just before Christmas 2002, I was on the phone with their sales group on an unrelated matter, and he told me that in 2003, Ameritech was going to take back all the unbundled loops, because they needed the copper, etc. He proceeded to tell me that my business 1.5Meg U/L could be easily changed to line sharing, and if I did so, my bill would drop from $79.95/mo + $6.00/mo for newsgroups, to only $49.95 per month total! Well, I told him for that kind of savings to sign me up. I got a new 5360 modem a few days later, and the sync was already working! I signed on with my old user name, and voila, I was on. The only hiccup was that today, they cut off my old user name and I had to get a new one, but that only took about 2 minutes with a knowledgable billing person. Speed tests are identical to the U/L speed tests I've posted. I'm very happy with the switch, and am saving $36.00 per month to boot! Congratulations to the heads-up salesman who told me about the program. I still have my Westell Wirespeed modem as a backup should the 5360 go bad for some reason, and Ameritech can consider me a happy camper! One question: Why am I now still on Ameritech.net and not SBC or Yahoo or whatever? Not important, but I am curious.

UPDATE 1-29-2002:

Yesterday, I upgraded to 1500/256. They were able to change the speed very quickly, and without problems. All I had to do was make sure the modem was turned on all day so they could test the line. My test speeds are around 1280/350 or so, and I'm happy with that. I still would not hesitate to recommend the Ameritech/SBC ADSL to anyone who can get it. I don't even remember the last time it was down. That, coupled with an excellent modem (Westell Wirespeed), make for a seamless connection to the Internet. In the next few days, I'm going to purchase a Linksys BEFSR41 to hook up the other computer here in the office. They say I'm supposed to have a static IP, but so far I've gotten dynamic ones -- which is fine with me.


I've had Ameritech ADSL (768/128) for exactly one year now, and have been generally pleased. Now that they have switched the newsgroup control over to Prodigy, I have no complaints whatsoever. My speed tests usually run ~640/137 after tweaking, so I'm pleased with that part, too. Their tech support has always been helpful and knowledgeable. The Westell Speedstream modem works perfectly day after day. RASPPPoE works much better for me than did the Enternet software.

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