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Six Month Rating

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Review by MacThrasher See Profile

  • Location: Chagrin Falls,Cuyahoga,OH
  • Cost: $40 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 17 days
  • Telco party AT&T
Good "Great Speed. Great Reliability. Inexpensive."
Bad "None really... lately."
Overall "Well worth it for home or small businesses."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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Edit 11-17-11: Still working like a champ. Good speed low ping times.

Edit 2-23-09: Rock Solid. Better than TWC in this area, or any other internet available in the area. Speed is great see below.
5004 down/ 685 up.

Edit 12-11-08: Still running like a champ!

Edit 1-17-08: Upgraded to Elite service (6M/1M). Made the call last night and already at 4.8-5.2 Down in speed and 600-700K up depending on the speed test. I will update in the 5-7 days that the sales rep told me last night.

If they roll Uverse out here. Kudos AT&T!

Edit 9-4-07: Great speed and reliability still to this date. Still getting around 2400/440 or better on speed tests.

Most recent edit: Now AT&T DSL broadband. Have 3.0M/512K service, and usually get 2500/440 or better. Very rarely have to reset the modem, so very reliable still, great technical support on this site, but not nesessarily when you call. but getting much better

Cleveland is still a new frontier for broadband. DSL was only available about 6 months ago. Cable TV is somewhat shaky out here (loss of connections, fuzzy, etc), so I decided to get broadband via DSL instead. Not to mention I don't have to share my bandwidth with my neighbors. So when I got the phone call on Saturday morning, I told him to sign me up.
It was installed a week earlier than scheduled, and after a few heated phone calls to technical support, I was up and running.
Since then, I have the fastest speed in town. Only speeds I have seen faster was on a T1.
768/128 service. Phone sometimes acts funny though (like double rings and stuff).
I would suggest it to my family, friends, and neighbors.

EDIT: Been running now for 9 months with no real issues. The speeds are consistent and I have not noticed any down time since the install in February.

EDIT: First good (well, bad) outage, Mon 1/13/03. Everything working fine about 1:30 PM. No sync light at 4:30 PM. Dead Dead Dead. No flicker. Reset modem, router, checked all cords, nothing. Spent an hour and a half with tech support. Not even as much of a clue why its not working, but won't issue a trouble ticket for 24 hours. "Just check it in the morning and give us a call back. We will give you a trouble ticket then." was the final answer I got.

As I thought that was a poor answer, I jumped online with dial up and IM'ed ADSL guy, and gave him my DSL account number. He called back a few minutes later and helped me troubleshoot it, just to be sure, and said everything looked great as of this afternoon, you should be getting service. A few minutes later he called me back with Beach Boy and set me up with a trouble ticket. A serviceperson should be out here this afternoon.

A huge thank you to Ken and David for helping me out on my latest outage. They are very knowledgeable and quite responsive! If all of SBC's help desk people were as good as these two gentleman, I would give SBC a five star rating.

EDIT: 7/15/03. Everything is still running great. So much so that I recommend it to many of my customers in the area. I have even installed the 1.5/256 Static service in my office. Keep up the good work.

EDIT: 1/22/04. Still working great. Moved to a new house, which has some antiquated wiring, most of which I have replaced inside. There is a tree out in the front yard that needs to be cut back before I loose phone, electric, and cable TV. Other than that, it works the way its advertized. I heven have static service at my office that works excellent. I have had DSLR monitor it for several weeks now, with NO service interruptions.

EDIT: 8/31/04. Still working like a charm. Service, espcially from the SBC techs on this site has been excellent. I would definetly recommend SBC DSL service to friends and colleagues.

EDIT: 4/6/05. Working great. The speeds are consistent. uptime is great.

EDIT: 10/10/05. Still working like a charm. Got an upgrade to a 3.0/512 package a few weeks ago by reupping my contract for another year, so my 49.95 a month for 1.5/256 is now 32.95 for 3.0/512.

EDIT: 4/27/06. Everything still works great and no down time...knock on wood.

EDIT: 6/19/07. Everything is still great. No complaints here.

EDIT: 6/6/08: Now have Elite service 6/1. Pretty much never goes down, and get a solid 5600/790 on certain local speed tests.

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