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Review by parkut See Profile

  • Location: Harrison Township,Macomb,MI
  • Cost: $59 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 27 days
  • Telco party Ameritech
Good "Reliable service"
Bad "None really"
Overall "Very Reliable"
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**** Updated 03/23/12 *********
Decided to terminate DSL in favor of less expensive and faster cable connection.

**** Updated 02/13/11 *********
nothing new to report. now paying $110 / month all taxes included

**** Updated 01/30/10 *********
No change

**** Updated 07/08/09 *********
Flawless service since last update. Has been used for low traffic website, and backup MX circuit.

**** Updated 12/27/08 *********
Flawless service since last update.

**** Updated 04/12/08 *********
Flawless service since last update. Price has crept up over the years, since installed. Static package, connected to RT 3meg down/512 up. Now paying around $100 / month for the line and DSL, including all taxes.

**** Updated 10/04/07 *********
Flawless service since last update

**** Updated 09/29/06 *********
Came in to work to discover line down. Did the usual restart of modem, look for sync. No connectivity. Then I noticed the IP number assigned to the connection was different than the Static number originally assigned. Was in the 69 block, now in 75 block. Tech support was immediately helpful, and helped me reconfigure my network for the new IP number. No idea of why it was changed. Fortunately, changing the static IP number is no big deal for me. Back up and running normal speeds.

**** Updated 08/25/06 *********
Been running rock solid on the 3meg package since 4/27/05. No complaints.

**** Updated 04/27/05 *********
The DSL circuit was mostly stable, with some periods that it would not automatically resync (manual power cycle/restart required) to regain online status. Called SBC to find out if anything could be done, and was advised that there was some line trouble, and scheduled a service call. SBC tech came and came to eventual conclusion that we were too far from the RT to support the 6 meg package, and dropped us to 3meg down. Said we should be getting a lower monthly charge since not getting the faster (more expensive) service.

**** Updated 04/14/05 *********
True to SBC sales, the installer showed up with a new Netopia router and worked his magic on firing up the new DSL circuit. Was not able to get quite as fast as sales promised, but pretty awesome compared to the last couple of weeks on ISDN backup circuit. Ony been up for a couple of hours so too soon to report on quality of service. So far, what's not to like? Purchased the Expert Plus Static Package.

**** Updated 04/04/05 *********
On April 4, 2005 my connection was behaving very sluggish. Prior to that our connection has been good, with the occasional outage, easily fixed by resetting the router (power cycle). I power cycled the router, and was unable to establish the link from that point forward. I contacted SBC support, and was told I was too far out for service, they were not able to fix it. However, the good news is, there is a RT that was put online sometime early last year, and I can now get the better/faster package for less money than I am paying now. The install is scheduled for April 14th. In the mean time, we are going to be stuck with a backup ISDN circuit.

**** Updated 10/07/03 *********
Not a whole lot to report. SBC/Yahoo is very reliable. We use it for web-surfing at our office. Over the last 12 months, we have had occasional outages, which are resolved by resetting the router. At 21,000 feet from the CO, 384/384 is the best we will ever get here.

I was especially impressed that during the great northeast power blackout of '03 when our power was out for approx 36 hours, when I logged on via battery backup, the DSL connection came right up.

**** Updated 02/07/03 *********
On January 31, 2003 - I learned SBC/Yahoo was supporting 384/384 DSL, and ordered the upgrade. Today, the DSL line went down around 10:30 am. Reset router and brought service back up at 12:00. Now have 384/384 connection. download is slightly faster than upload, probably due to FTP overhead.

**** Update August 2002 *********
Two days ago, I was feeling pretty good, and decided to call SBC about the company DSL line. We had the SpeedPath 1500 OfficePlus package running at a consistant 384/256 since December.

The order was taken November 15th, and Service was turned on December 11th.
When it was put in, the tech said we were pretty far out, but give it a while before asking for the speed to be increased. Service has been very reliable, with only one time I ever had to call tech support. That issue was resolved quickly with a simple modem reset.

Well, now that it's August, I thought, what the heck, it's been long enough. So I called, and Tier1 rapidly bumped me to Tier2. I repeatedly said, my speed is not great, but if it's the best I can get, I will live with it. DON'T BREAK IT.

You guessed it, 10 minutes after I hung up, the connection went dead. 2 hours later the ASI tech came by and said, yup, it's dead. He said we were so far out his tester was having trouble syncing at 384, and maybe the cable pairs were bad. He referred it back to Ameritech for line work.

Yesterday, right at 8am the lineman came by with his tester, and said the cable pairs are rotten, all used up in the industrial park we are in, and he would do the best he could.

As of 3PM today, after much effort, the Ameritech DSL tech that came onsite got things running again, but now, only at 384/128.

It turns out we are at 21,800 ft from the office. The cable will not support anywhere near the 1.5/256 speed. I was given the distinct impression that if I were to order DSL today, Ameritech would not even consider accepting an order due to the distance.

Two days ago, when I ever so inoccently asked to see if I could get more down speed, they changed the profile or something, and killed the circuit.

My DSL service has been restored, but due to policy changes at Ameritech, my original 1.5/256 profile is no longer available to me. Despite my pleading just to put it back the way it was, I am now limited to a 384/128 package (I still get my static IP's).

Team Data, and customer billing agreed on the setup, and they at least reduced my monthly fee. As a bonus they gave me 8 months credit for the reduced service I was actually receiving.

The tech mentioned that during circuit testing today, they were able to bring up and operate a 384/384 profile. BUT, they couldn't leave it because Ameritech does not offer that speed package.

I was told if I *really* wanted 384/384 I could approach the CLEC who does offer it, and see if I could get it installed. Further, he told me it was likely that he would be the tech to come back since Ameritech does the final connections for this other CLEC. Go figure.

Lastly, I have to say the tech that came here today (who happened to be the same one that installed the circuit back in December) was using DSLR for speed tests, and was extremely pleasant to work with. Despite being on the telephone for hours with the Missouri Call Center, Team Data in Chicago, Billing in Detroit, and god knows who else.

Sigh... I really should not have asked!

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