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Review by tr6scott See Profile

  • Location: Oxford,Oakland,MI
  • Cost: $25 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 14 days
  • Telco party Ameritech
Good "Cost, Relability, Speed, EPC and Tech Support HERE!"
Bad "Phone Tech Support"
Overall "Good Bang for the Buck! and Support here is awesome!"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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Update 11/5/2012: 4 years have passed, stepped up the the 6meg/628 plan years ago. Using an Netopia in bridge mode for the model, and a pc running Smoothwall express as a router solution. All rock solid, price is $19.99 for the speed is awesome. I run webserver at house, and would like a more ballanced dl/upl plan, but what they have is great. Charter still has not offered any internet services in our area, and I still have Charter cable. Ordered Uverse (3rd try) we will see how it installs, tech says pair bonding will allow me to get service now, after the 2 failed attempts prior to pair bonding. Good service. Call in tech support is still flawed, but support here in the direct forum is outstanding.

Update: 5/29/08 Another year has past, and the service is still rock solid. Run a few web servers from the house and there have been no loss of connections. Same with Charter, still say next year I will have cable internet, they are a complete joke. Still using the 2wire, no problems no issues.

Update: 7/31/07: Another year, switched to a used 2wire 1000HG router, still going strong, great service, great price. Charter Cable, who I have a cable TV customer for 10 years, still do not offer the internet service to my residence, after 6 years of saying they would next year. I would not switch if they did.

Update: 11/2006: Another year and still no issues, Great Service and price has dropped over the year.

Update: 6/2005 stepped up to the 3000/512 plan consistent 2300/425 price is down to $24.95 for this service level. Absolutely no issues... went over 12 weeks without a disconnect, rock solid, well done, very satisfied.

9/2004 Update - No issues still running strong!

5/03 Upgraded to the 1256/128 plan for same cost, deal is getting even better! Still no service issues since last review.

Original Review:
I ordered and went live about 5 months ago. The self install kit was easy to do, and software wasn't too bad, considering I was running NT4 at the time. I am now using XP and the install is much better.

In the first few months when there was connection issues, or little bumps and blips, I (being a newbie) would pick up the phone and dial tech support ASAP, big mistake! Phone tech support (Tier 1) is pretty much useless for anyone that the intelligence to find this site, and read it. Every time I called, there was a small Network issue, and I would end up with a tech telling me to rip the tcp/ip stack out of NT4, and then when the system wouldn't boot, he told me it was a computer problem, and I needed to call the manufacture.

With the tech support here that entire BS has gone away. If there is a blip, I can do a post, and with in 10-15 mins, another user will usually confirm if it is an Ameritech issue or mine, and the support guys are on the job quick.

The online support here is the best! If it was not for the support here I most likely would have been a Charter Cable customer by now, at least to try. But the online support here has spoiled me, and I don't have a reason to even look for the alternatives.

Plan 768/128 dynamic, efficient dsl modem, Ethernet card in computer.

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