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Review by ArgMeMatey See Profile

  • Location: Milwaukee,Milwaukee,WI
  • Cost: $30 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 3 days
  • Telco party AT&T
Good "Quick shipment, works as advertised"
Bad "Need more upload speed"
Overall "Cheap and reliable"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Value for money:
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My Other Reviews

·Time Warner Cable
27 June 2014
I regularly check rates, since I am currently using Time Warner. However AT&T is not competitive on pricing. The best I could find was about $40 on a limited time offer, which is still more than I am paying for TW guaranteed for twelve months.

The one advantage I could find in AT&T's service is that they provide service during power outages, which Time Warner did not do during our last outage lasting less than two hours. Power outages are rare here, roughly once a year for less than two hours.

29 March 2012
It's been over nine years and I'm finally casting off. I've been paying $30 or less for 12 Mbps for the past year and they gave me the $100 3600HGV for nothing. But, I couldn't get them to give me a better deal than $48 on the 12 Mbps. They offered to downgrade me to 3 Mbps for $33 a month for six months, but that ain't much of a deal when Time Warner is offering 10 Mbps for $30 for a year.

Two more days and I'm gone. Reluctantly, as the service on VDSL has been very good.

Added 04 April 2011
After about eight years with AT&T ADSL, I switched to AT&T VDSL aka UVerse. The main reason I did this was I was coming up on the end of my promo period for ADSL, the usage cap is higher on VDSL (250 GB).

Never had any major problems with ADSL. I could gripe all day about AT&T's billing and installation issues, but once the service is installed, service interruptions exceeding 10 SECONDS were very rare. The repair techs found and fixed problems in AT&T's outside plant, and they were nice to work with.

Occasionally I would try calling their tech support, though, and that was generally a waste of time. I had better luck searching for solutions online and troubleshooting by myself.

My latest service upgrade from 3 Mbps to 6 Mbps went smoothly.

Added 06 Oct 2009
Nothing new here. Everything is the same. Move along please.

End edit

Added 01 Jan 2009:
My DSL continues to be very reliable. The only persistent problem was with a bad wire connector on the pole by my house. I am thinking about adding Tivo/Netflix and if so will be interested in seeing how long it takes to download a typical movie on 3008. I am also wondering, however, what will happen with the usage-based pricing threats that AT&T keeps floating.

I thought about switching to Uverse VDSL but I am holding out for a better channel package that gives me less garbage and more of what I want, for less money of course. I figure most of their VRADs are basically idling and I am wondering to what extent they might reduce their profits in order to increase penetration.

I usually pay just under $49 for DSL plus bare bones POTS. Not ready to give up POTS yet. VOIP has been pretty solid for us after a couple of long failures three years ago. We rarely use the POTS but I choose to view it like insurance, of which we have plenty and hope to never use.

End edit 01 Jan 2009

I had DSL installed at my office in August 2008. They screwed up the order and it took an extra week to get the modem, and it was not the one they promised on the phone. They "threw in" connection from the Building Binder Posts to the modem jack. But not setup. So the AT&T tech wired it all through and left. After I got the modem hooked up, it didn't work. So I took it to the NID and it worked fine. Time to replace the inside wiring. All went fine then. But I should have checked it before he left. Just too busy to bother with it at that moment. Since then, no notable problems.

3008/512 translates to 2500/400 or so. The upload speed never used to bother me, but now I am sometimes uploading lots of photos and it takes way too long. I get what I pay for, generally, but I reserve the right to complain for any reason.

I just upgraded from 1500/384 as a hedge. I had checked with SBC Direct in May and was told that I should have no trouble getting the max sync speeds. I was paying as noted below through September 2006 but the new offer was $17.95 plus fees and taxes, so now we have a commitment through June 2007. I submitted an online order and was smoothly upgraded overnight.

I submitted the order and then immediately rebooted the modem:

2006/07/19 13:07:42 GMT E |DSL |Link up 1 US 384 DS 1536 (FAST:G.dmt)

And then this happened overnight:
2006/07/20 08:33:25 GMT E |DSL |Link up 2 US 512 DS 3008 (FAST:G.dmt)

Dynamic IP
Speedstream 4100 (Nice stats)

In October I moved my DSL from one phone line to another, and that didn't go particularly smoothly: They disconnected me twice because something didn't "take" in the system properly, the new modem did not ship out as expected, they gave me a new phone # and then called me back and said they made a mistake and that number was not available, the DSL billing did not get transferred from the old account to the new account and so on. Nothing new there.

I can't comment on tech support because I use the Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy.

SBC Direct forum is available and most questions get better answers in the SBC BBR forum anyway.

Here's my 28 March 2007 Bill:

$34.99 Regular rate for PRO (3008/512)
$17.00 -Credit for 12-mo contract
$ 1.01 + 5.6% sales tax in Milwaukee County
$19.00 SubTotal

Voice service IS REQUIRED to get this. So here's what I pay for that.

$10.78 Local Line (Increased to $10+ in Spring 2006)
$ 1.00 Local Calls, 25@ $0.04 each
$ 5.44 Federal Access Charge
$ 0.70 E911, USF
$ 1.54 Federal, State, County, Stadium Taxes
$19.46 SubTotal
$38.46 Grand Total

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