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Review by ctceo See Profile

  • Location: Mishawaka,St Joseph,IN
  • Cost: $45 per month
  • Install: about 14 days
  • Telco party AT&T
Good "Ok speed, better than 56k or nothing."
Bad "Outsourced tech. support is mostly a waste of time. Bad advertising resulting in iffy"
Overall "Not suited for family sizes of over 2 people, or those who stream media online."
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UPDATE: 3/1/2011

The recent invocation of a 150 GB cap across all ADSL (non u-verse) installs was pretty much the death of this services usefulness for a family of greater than 2 people who routinely play MMO's, have an XBox360/PS3 live life, or pay for services such as Hulu+, NetFlix or Yahoo Radio (or the like). I had to cancel my OnLive account altogether to make room for the household to have a somewhat fair allocation of GB usage for everyone to use when needed. We have had to impose a 350mb cap per week in downloads per person (1 x 288p Stream on hulu, roughly a 45 minute show). And no more than a 1.5gb limit per month per person. The kids love their xbox360 & PC mmo's but had to cut the downloading off because of this limit as well. We are no longer able to listen to our favorite slacker radio stations while cleaning house or playing games also. Many other small activities have also been limited, and NoScript/AdBlock have been installed on all PC's to save wasted bandwidth.


I've had experience with SBC/Prodigy & Yahoo! DSL & Dial-Up for over 3 years, and have been happy with the service. Though the Technical support channels are a bit frustrating to deal with, they are easily navigated and help for what you are looking for is at the end of the tunnel. Well most of the time. As for the Dial-In I've had no problems finding a local number when traveling, and find this service to be handy for friends and family that cannot qualify and/or afford a high speed connection. Dial-In is Reliable, as fast or faster than competing providers, and never busy.

SBC/Ameritech (Now AT&T again), Has services comparable to competitor prices. Though pricing is left to be desired when ordering services individually the are still fair compared to other providers. My analog service has only failed 1 or 2 times in the 3 or so years I have had them, and has never had any quality issues.

Update 4/22/2009: Speed and Price keep getting better, though it could be faster. About 90% of my Comcast customers switch to AT&T DSL when they find that they are able to get service. Price has slightly gone down and re-negotiating is always much less painless than when dealing with Comcast. Installers are a mixed bag and I have has some surprises as well. Equipment that is provided used to be Siemens/Speedstream, but they have largely switched to Motorola and 2Wire. I will warn you that the Motorola modems are quite a bit more flaky than the old Speedstream ones.

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