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Six Month Rating

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Review by buddasahn See Profile

  • Location: Brecksville,Cuyahoga,OH
  • Cost: $40 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 10 days
  • Telco party SBC
Good "Still a decent value...would still keep service if AT&T....(see Bad)"
Bad "USAGE CAPS...."
Overall "No longer the value it used to be..."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

***UPDATED 3/27/11***

Well, well, well!!! I never thought I would have to update this review again as I was quite happy with my service and what I was paying for it...that is until....AT&T's greed took over. So, I've decided to see if they will actually be stupid to go through with this usage based billing or will they realize, (like Time Warner did) that it may not be worth the PR headache, not to mention the lost revenue in cancelling subscribers, to implement such an absurd plan. I am, what they refer to as a heavy user of bandwidth...(3 PC's, 3 Consoles, 2 Phones, and DirecTV) all contributing towards my bandwidth allowance. Perhaps this is indeed the route of all ISP's at some point...but as long as there is competition (Roadrunner) that has not imposed this, I for one, will be making the switch. Should AT&T decide to backoff this idea, I'll probably stick with them as, without the caps, it is still a better value in my mind than Time Warner. Otherwise, bu-bye!!!

***UPDATED 9/25/10***

Holy Crap! Hard to believe it's been 6 years since I last updated my review of SBC. I actually switched to RR around that time and 4 price hikes, 2 kids, and millions of headaches later, I'm back using DSL! Not looking back either. Ok, it is true I could download my fav movie twice as fast with RR Turbo connection (15mbps) but even at what I have now (6mbps) at less then half the cost....ya just can't beat it. But what really improved from my cable experience was my ping times. Just progressively got worse with cable but generally speaking everything just seems to load quicker with DSL. To my other surprise since I last reviewed this company and had to use tech support...In the 2 times that I've had to use it since I came back on with DSL, I gotta say my experience with Customer Serivce was actually quite pleasant. Was transferred to a live caller within a few minutes. The person spoke ENGLISH!!! (nothing personal against you overseas tech support people)!!! Overall, VERY VERY HAPPY!

***UPDATED 2/18/04***

Ordered the 'Expert' speed tier on 2/10. It was suppose to be activated by the 17th. I only saw an increase in the uploads but not the downloads. Called Tech support.....got tranferred to 'Team Data'.....got transferred back to tech support. (God I hate it when they do that) This went on for 2 days until I finally decided to call upon the techs in BBR. Glad I did!!! Now that the service is working and I have acceptible speeds, I can honestly say that ...for the $$$...my SBC office connection beats the snot out of my Roadrunner connection at home in just about every facet. (with the lone exception of Usenet service which is nonexistant with SBC) I now get speeds averaging (5mbps down and about 520k up)...this being about 3700 feet from my CO. For those of you wanting a simple comaprison between RR and SBC....here's mine:

RR - $54.95 3 mbps down 512k up

SBC-$44.95 (promotion) 6 mbps down 600k up

Both have less than stellar tech support...both have pretty stable and reliable connections....RR newsgroups are signficantly better than SBC....SBC speeds are more consistent than RR

That's pretty much 'it' in a nutshell. VERY happy with both services!

***UPDATED 5/14/03***

The connection has been fairly solid over the past year. The few times that it's gone down though has been a bit of an interesting story. Why I even bother to call tech support is anyone's guess. Thankfully I'm in the I.T. field so I ALREADY know not to rely on them for actual support...but what I didn't realize until just recently is that I can't even rely on them to give me a straight answer when it comes network status! Nevermind the fact that they hardly EVER update their network status page! And I still, to this day, am baffled as to why they adamantly refuse to provide support to those using routers. While I'm happy with the actual connection....when it's working.....I'm now completely turned off by their support.....or LACK of it!

***UPDATED 2/13/02***

Well....it's been quite a while since I last updated my review of Ameritech. I have, however, kept up on what most people have written about them in the last year and a half. Despite what amounts to mostly negative reviews, I must say I am..for the most part... very happy with their service. I originally started out getting the service at home with their basic plan. As stated in my review below....the install was kidna rough but the overall experience was decent. About 3 mos later I went ahead and decided to implement the same 768/128 package at my office and got even better service (as a result of being only 3700 feet to my local CO)

Earlier today, I get a call from Ameritech asking if I would be interested in upgrading to a 1.5 down/256 up plan... At first I expressed no interest until I was told that it would be only 10 bucks more a month that what I had now! That was kinda hard to pass up and if I didnt like or see any type of justifiable speed increase...then I could go back to my original plan. Let me tell ya, it was well worth it. Ran some speed tests and got about 1.3mb/s down and about 235 k up. (CONSISTENTLY) So basically about 80 % of my advertised speed, which is what I was getting before! It still doesn't beat my RoadRunner connection at home.... (2.5mb/s down and 360k up....for 44.95 a month) ...but overall I couldn't be more pleased. The only 2 gripes (minor) that I can think of, would be the PPPoE protocol...(junk)....and the occasional email outage!


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