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  • Location: Reidsville,Rockingham,NC
  • Cost: $90 per month (24 month contract)
  • Telco party AT&T
Good "reliable internet connection"
Bad "service speeds underperform terribly at peak hours"
Overall "reliable last resort.... but not a substitute for real broadband"
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I have had HughesNet for nearly two years.... the middle grade plan (Pro-Plus). I have no other options except for dial up. For the first 14 months, the service was very adequate. I was able to watch videos and surf the web with little trouble. There was a latency issue, but compared to dial-up I was pleased. I had little or no interruption in service due to weather, etc. and no customer service issues.

However, since March of 2012, I have noticed a severe degradation of download speeds during peak hours (6 PM to 12 PM) and can no longer watch videos (ESPN or YouTube). I also use the internet to watch educational videos for my profession and this service degradation is affecting my work from home. Customer service was no help... blamed me until a customer rep surprising told me the truth about possible issues from over-selling their services. However, my monthly rate was not downgraded and I am becoming less pleased as the weeks pass. My mac can measure download speeds on its mail client (very accurate compared to some speedtests online) and sometimes download speeds are under 20 kBs for emails with attachments. Outside of peak times, my download speeds can approach 1 to 1.5 Mbs. That does me little good if I am not using the computer at those times.

If you had asked me in January, 2012, I would have been a supporter of my service.... but now I am hoping to find better. I loathe AT&T (home phone provider who will not provide broadband) and I am wary of other satellite providers. I am praying Verizon can get their HomeFusion service up and running in my area in the near future. I love their customer service. When that happens, I will leave HughesNet. I don't mind paying more for good service, but I am not receiving the service I was promised. How hard is it to tell the truth?

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