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Review by rfhar See Profile

  • Location: Durand,Shiawassee,MI
  • Cost: $64 per month (month by month)
  • Install: about 3 days
Good "Local Privately own company, (TVC) great service for last mile problems"
Bad "They may be down till 8AM if storm knocks out the power etc. overnight."
Overall "I am happy."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

This company changed their web site to lentel.com this last year but are still connected to power-net. I am not sure what to call them. I think it a matter of combining with other companies that the local outfit is connected to some way.

I live south of Lennon, Mi., a small village half in two counties. One person owns the Telephone, Cable, CableTV, and DSL Service. When I built this house I stopped in to the office to ask about a phone. The office gal handed me a paper telling me about service and asked what phone number I wanted. The next day I had phone service. Ever see that kind of service from a big corporation? When the service tech came out to hook up my cable he installed my Ethernet card and left only after both of us had been on the net. I have had two repair orders in the last several years. One was my problem, the other was theirs and I have no complaints about the service, it was great. Almost always they tell us a couple days in advance if they will be down for servicing their equipment. the last couple years they have done their service about 5 AM and are back up by the time I eat breakfast. If there is a storm on the weekend or in at night one may have to wait till the 8 AM shift starts, but this does not happen often.

The people who installed the cable underground told me that they could have run the cables several hundred feet longer. When TVC first advertised cable service they said it was four times faster than a phone modem, 128Kbps. I had 2000 often and seldom under 500Kbps. They have since added DSL and their packages are similar for cable.The office gals told me that this was their way of making the kids who are always downloading long files pay for what they get and be sure that every one else gets good speed also. All my speed readings, taken at differing times, have been as fast as advertised.

Now Power-net telephone Tech support is a crap throw, although I must admit I most often get good service. It's just that some of them will slur their name (I am quite hard of hearing) and have a poor attitude (I think some of them are lazy.). I really haven't had to use them in so long that this may no longer be true.

Power-net filters my e-mail for spam. The spam filters are by MyMail and have both a white list and a black list, These filters are doing a really great job. I love them.

I have package 4;

Download burst speed 7meg

Upload Burst speed 1meg

Private IP addresses 4

Public IP addresses 2

E-Mail Boxes 5

10 mB E-Mail storage

Setup fee $25

Monthly Fee $46

Although this is cable service for me, it runs like DSL and I always get the speed I pay for any day and time.

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