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Review by hamman See Profile

  • Location: Freeland,Island,WA
  • Cost: $50 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 8 days
  • Telco party Whidbey Telephone
Good "Reliable, all facilities are ug, alot is fiber, full service, pc repairs, classes."
Bad "b&g only, no customer owned modem/router combo, only dsl co in town."
Overall "high priced, take it or leave it attitude, no control of router, pwr outages r frequent in winter"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

Power6 Premium Turbo
Speed Up to 6Mb/1Mb1 Up to 12Mb/1Mb1 Up to 18Mb/1Mb1
Monthly cost $29.952 $39.952 $44.952

Power6 Package includes
Service includes - use of a network router3
- 4 POP3 e-mail accounts
- 250MB e-mail storage/account
- 10MB personal web storage
- Whidbey Telecom Internet &
Broadband as your full service
ISP · use of a network router3

Premium Package includes
- 6 POP3 e-mail accounts
- 250MB e-mail storage/account
- 50MB personal web storage
- Whidbey Telecom Internet &
Broadband as your full service
ISP - use of a network router3

Turbo Package Includes
- 10 POP3 e-mail accounts
- 250MB e-mail storage/account
- 100MB personal web storage
- Whidbey Telecom Internet &
Broadband as your full service ISP

Rarely does one get the advertised speeds although they will test up to your house.

Router provided = NexusLink 5631 (b/g only) - frequently loose wireless signal in my own home due to limited range of signal - I have a tri-level home with the router in the middle story and there are some rooms where one can loose wireless signal.

Tech service is 5 days a week only. Service is reliable because all the facilities are UG, however it is very common during the winter months for power outages to occur. Often they can be long in duration, so long that many residences are equipped with generators. Once the power goes out, the dsl will only stay on for as long as you can keep your router up and running. Get a good UPC battery backup and use it sparingly.. Power outages can last 2-3 days during bad storms especially towards the south end of the island where this ISP serves. It is the only game in town when it comes to phone and dsl. Tech service is geared for basic troubleshooting, they have no capability to remote in, so if it can't be handled over the telephone then a service call must be scheduled and then you may find that the will be billing you for those charges beyond their point of attachment to your home. To get ports opened on the router necessary for specific applications always is a challenge as must do so much explaining as to why a program or even a wireless printer would need it. So often I have considered cable so I can run my own modem/router and have far more fliexibility.

Initial setup, I had to drive to their main telephone center where I spoke to a non-technical spokesperson. She gave me a price list with the various packages to choose from, I was signed up, was handed the router and a service appointment was scheduled in 3-4 business days for hookup. They arrived at my home, opened the package I was given only to inform me that I had the wrong router for the package that I had ordered. He returned the following day, with all the "right equipment", hooked it all up but no internet, They had to pull all new conductor from the street to my home causing yet another delay. When all was said and done, I had service but I had to have them return two additional times to correct matters so that I got speeds that were within 75% of what the TURBO package I was to being paying for.. The difference was blamed on my household wiring which seemed odd, since my point of attachment was only 10 feet from their connection to my home. Perhaps I just had a bad experience, but coming from another area out-of-state, I can only hope that this was an isolated case.

Provides IPv4 service only, IPv6 not available.

I ordered the Turbo package and have had it for almost 2 years. With taxes and all the incidental charges that get tossed into the bill, my monthly bill is just shy of $50/month.

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Tech Support

Just an FYI, Support is 24/7, and Wireless N routers are available.