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Review by chucko58 See Profile

  • Location: Sunnyvale,Santa Clara,CA
  • Cost: $58 per month (3 month contract)
  • Install: about 30 days
  • Telco party AT&T
Good "Run by a geek, for geeks. Great tech support, no BS, no BW caps. VERY reliable - 99.9+% uptime."
Bad "We were stuck on ADSL1 tech. Web server quotas eaten up by anti-spam logs."
Overall "It was great when we started, but there are better choices today."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

We switched to Raw Bandwidth ADSL in 2000 after a nightmarish experience with @Home (remember them? I wish I could forget!). Mike Durkin apparently runs the whole show himself. It was a relief after hours on hold with @Home "idiot deflectors" to talk directly to the guy running the network. In our first months with the service, we even got a response from Mike on Thanksgiving day!

We are ~12000' from the CO, so we never had more than 1.5M down/128K up. But that was nearly rock-solid. Most connection outages were due to a known issue with our modem, the Westell Wirespeed. Power-cycling the modem usually fixed them. I can think of 3 occurrences in 10 years where the network problem was on Raw Bandwidth's end - and these were fixed promptly.

I have large photo galleries on my web site, and I started bumping up against the storage quotas. Mike switched me to their new server with twice the quota - 500 MB. This was fine for a while but then I started hitting the quota again. Came to find out that I had 100+ MB of spam filter logs in a hidden directory! I was never told about the new filtering tech, so that came as a shock.

I was willing to pay the premium over consumer-grade ADSL for quite a while. But between the spam logs that need constant cleanup, the low storage quotas, and the advent of Sonic.net's inexpensive Fusion service, I decided it is time to move on.

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