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Review by meskinct See Profile

  • Location: Danbury,Fairfield,CT
  • Cost: $44 per month
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "Decent Speed / Reliable"
Bad "Lack of good modem stats/logs"
Overall "Satisfied"
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My Other Reviews

02-OCT-2012 Update - I have moved out of the Comcast service area. Now have Charter. It was a great run. Solid service although a little pricey.

23-MAY-2011 Update - Area was upgraded to DOCSIS3 around May 1, 2011. Seeing bursts of over 100mbps down/9 up with sustained 8/2. Should move to 12/2 shortly. Can now order 105/10 if needed. World of more is complete with only a few analogs remaining on the system. All HDs now move to the 1000+ channel numbers on a Digital box. Service is solid. No complains at all except for price. I think everyone has an issue with price no matter what provider you use. I'm happy!

26-OCT-2010 Update - Good service continues. Project Cavalry (World of more) is underway as of Oct 15, 2010. DTA is installed. Channel lineup being shuffled. Mailer says will be done on Dec 31, 2010. At that point, bandwidth should be free to move to DOCSIS 3 and add more HD.

25-NOV-2009 Update-
Still waiting for DOCSIS 3 to roll out here. Powerboost at 25dn/2.9up. Sustained at 6.6dn/2.7up. No service disruptions. Running a SB5101 (I own it).

23-MAY-2009 Update-
Things are still good. Was told that DOCSIS 3 is coming in June. I'm happy.

Initial Impressions-
Constant speeds are 6600dn/1100up. With Powerboost I see 29000dn/4300up. Waiting for the free upgrade from 6/1 to 12/2. I use them as my pipe to the net. I do not use their other 'services' (email, portal, etc.).

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