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Review by JazzJRabbit See Profile

  • Location: Naperville,Du Page,IL
  • Cost: $60 per month
Good "Same day install, English speaking support"
Bad "Extremely unreliable in the peak hours"
Overall "Mixed bag, good CS, bad techs/reliability"
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Install Co-ordination:
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2011-09-30 update, bought standard WOW webstar modem from ebay and hooked it up about a week ago. So far zero connection issues. So it looks like even though WOW says they support 6120 there are still some incompatibilities.


2011-07-21 Complete loss of connection for several minutes at a time around 10pm. From forum discussions it looks more and more like the problem is Motorola SB6120 modem. The modem is approved by WOW to use on their network, but for some reason it just doesn't work well during peak hours.

2011-07-13 Had download from Microsoft Technet fail because of intermittent connection problems at 10pm yet again.

2011-07-12 Random packet loss around 11pm.

2011-07-05 Heavy packet loss around 10pm as usual.

2011-06-17 Friday, heavy packet loss around 11pm and high pings up to 2000ms.

2011-06-09 heavy packet loss and basically loss of all connectivity for about 2-5 minutes around 10pm.

2011-05-24 unreliable connection again around 10pm, very high ping variations >500ms and occasional timeouts, frustrating because I was trying to pay my insurance bill online

2011-05-23 from 9pm to 11pm 25% to 50% ping time outs or pings with >500ms latency, just as I try to pay my bills online.

2011-05-07 25% ping timeout to google around 4pm, was kicked out of a game because connection was so unstable, 10 minutes later everything seems to be fine again, but the game was already ruined

2011-05-03 Update - Connectivity problems yet again in the evening, half the ping attempts started timing out around 9pm, then internet went down completely for about half an hour, even though the lights on the modem showed it was still connected. The internet restored itself around 10pm. This has been happening pretty regularly lately. I wish WOW would upgrade their network to prevent these outages.


Well, I've had WOW cable for more than a year now so it's time to update the review, or rather completely rewrite it because of the recent issues I've been having.

The initial order and install went very smoothly, however first tech used subgrade cable from WOW post to the WOW box on the side of the house so after a couple of months I've started having connectivity issues and the tech that came out to our house had to replace the cable leading to our house. Fast forward couple of months later and I'm losing connectivity again. The second tech that came out determined it's a bad connection inside the WOW cable box so he had to reterminate the cable. Smooth sailing again, that is until now, 6 months later... I have 15/1 plan and during peak evening hours, especially on weekends, my pings and speeds become erratic. I do not game a lot, thankfully, only about two hours at most a week, but evenings are the only time I can play and it becomes an exercise in patience because unsteady ping times result in 1-5 second lag twice a minute which is extremely annoying. Speeds slow down to about one third of what I pay for as well. I've done speed tests to both WOW and SpeakEasy servers and both show me pretty much the same results - during peak hours my connection slows down to about 5/0.5 which is less than half of what I pay for. During night and day I have no problems hitting 15/1 speeds, but during those dreadful 4 or so hours in the evening my connection is suffering. I occasionally remote in to work and I can tell when congestion issues are coming because suddenly my remote terminal becomes a lot less responsive taking several tries to register a mouse click and in severe cases even completely losing connection.

So to sum it up:
-Botched initial cable install
-Botched cable termination while fixing bad cable install
-And now I'm having speed issues during peak hours that I haven't had before

To WOW's credit I like the fact that their stuff are all English speaking, no outsourcing nonsense, I have never had problems while calling WOW, they always pick up right away and I always get English speaking person. However, on the technical side WOW has been mediocre at best. When it comes down to it, WOW techs screwed up twice, and recent congestion issues are a big pain in you know where. And the saddest part is I can't really switch service to anyone else, I do not want Comcast because I do not want to deal with their 250GB cap and I cannot switch to ATT because they can only provide 1.5/384 service, and those speeds are way too optimistic anyway. So for now I'm stuck with WOW.

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