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Six Month Rating

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Review by piggygirl See Profile

  • Location: New York,New York,NY
  • Cost: $9 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 5 days
Good "Very good service as usual"
Bad "None so far"
Overall "Nothing to really complain about--still"
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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Updated: 02/24/2014
Great service since 2008
Updated: 01/28/2013
Still no complaints
Phone rings when it's supposed to
Calls still clear.
Update: 06/10/2012
Had them since 2008
No complaints. Calls are clear. No dropped calls.
No reason to contact customer service.
I think my favorite option is the filtering. The only way to deal with telemarketers.
The amount of money saved over Verizon land line has been the major plus.
Keep up the good work.
Update: 12/22/2011
Had them for about 3 years now.
No complaints. Calls are clear.
No reason to contact customer service.
It just works.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---
Update: 08/09/2011
Still having excellent service
Still nothing to complain about

Update: 12/11/2010
Excellent service.
Nothing to complain about.
Great promotion prices

Update 02/14/2010
I have nothing to complain about.
It just works..

Update 10/19/2009
Very stable.
Clear audio.
Very little contact with customer service.

Update 04/11/2009

Since the replacement of the Grandstream, dropped registrations are a ghost of the past.

I realized I could get 1 free virtual number, which I happily now give to the credit card companies.

Customer service has been very responsive.

Keep up the good work!!


Update 03/16/2009

Had the Grandstream which kept dropping registrations which Voipo replaced with the PAP2T.

Since then, no dropped registrations, audio has been clear both directions.

There was a problem which Voipo diagnosed and reacted quickly to it.

I've been with VOIPo for about 2 months now.
Sound is very clear.
I've had a few tickets that were dealt with quickly.
Simultaneous ring is a nice new feature.

Keep up the good work!

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updated 184 days ago

NYC Girl
Bronx, NY


I am trying this for a month to see if I like the service!!! Too chicken to put out the 200 bucks yet lol!!!

I live in the South Bronx 10451 area using optimum online Internet. I get optimum voice for 19.99 with bundled service looking to save even more $$$. I don't use my landline much but like having it around " just in case" as I live alone.

I will post a review when I receive my equipment!!

Fort Lauderdale, FL

What Do You Think?

Well I hope you took the plunge; but if you didn't, it's even better now because you can get VOIPo service for $6.21 a month!

Bar far the best phone service for quality and price anywhere. I've had service for over two years and it's hands down the best I've found....anywhere!!

Don't take my word for it, check out these great deals.

NYC Girl
Bronx, NY

I Had to cancel

After a while the service stopped working. Dropped calls and such. Voipo couldn't find a solution. What type of wireless router do you use if any?

New York, NY

Re: I Had to cancel

dlink dir-655


Littleton, CO

Intermittent issues here too.

Just got new Internet and things seem a bit better and issues are pointing to VOIPo.

Which adapter do you have and how is it connected to your network?

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

New York, NY

Re: Intermittent issues here too.

dlink dir-655


Littleton, CO
Netgear WNDR3300 with dd-wrt and the PAP2T in the DMZ.

So we're pretty close in set up. So this leads me to believe that things maybe awry elsewhere than me.

Thanks and Happy Holidays!