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Review by Mr Matt See Profile

  • Location: Eustis,Lake,FL
  • Cost Contract price not specified. (12 month contract)
Good "See my review of CenturyLink"

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I am posting future comments about Embarq as combined with my CenturyLink review.

This review is to reflect on why I have not switched from Comcast to Embarq.

When I moved to Eustis, Florida the best deal was a Broadband package offered by Comcast through Circuit City. See my review of Comcast Broadband under Comcast reviews.

I planned to try Embarq Broadband when the Comcast's six month introductory rate changed from $19.95 per month to $42.95 per month. I contacted Embarq in mid 2007 and was advised that the only available download speeds at my address were 768K for $19.95 per month or 1.5M, for $24.95 per month. I was also advised that in order to obtain service and a free modem, I would have to sign a one year contract or pay an additional $10.00 per month and pay for the modem up front. I passed on the offer and continued to use Comcast for Broadband service.

About Six Months later I helped a friend that was using Embarq Broadband, set up a wireless network in his home. When he checked availability he was offered tiers from 768K to 5Mb and choose the 3Mb tier at $29.95 per month. I ran a speed test before I installed the router and found that the download speed was actually 3Mb as advertised. During the installation I called Embarq technical support and asked about switching the ZyXEL Modem to the bridge mode. The technician was helpful and provided correct instructions on changing to the bridge mode. So far I have heard no complaints about his broadband service.

Several weeks later I was contacted by Embarq and was advised that additional download speeds were available at my address up to 5M. At that time they offered Three Months of free service and a free modem if I signed a one year contract. Since mid 2007 I have received several solicitations from Embarq offering anything from Three Months of free service to Six Months of free service if I sign a One Year contract. I always ask the representative for a copy of the TOS and Contract before I sign same and have never receive the information that I requested.

From my friends experience Embarq provides satisfactory service and more choices for the customer. I am again considering Embarq Broadband and will update this review if I can get a written proposal from Embarq sales.

Edited 6/24/10

CenturyLink voice reliability has declined. I was considering subscribing to CenturyLink DSL but I have experienced two voice outages in the last year affecting our voice service up to Eight Hours. Embarrassing because I can no longer tell the Comcast representative, when I receive a call pitching Digital Voice, the reason that I subscribe to CenturyLink service is so that I can call Comcast and complain when my cable service craps out.

I have been following the CenuryLink forum and have found that CenturyLink has over subscribed their DSLAMS in this area. Many customers are complaining that they are suffering time sensitive low throughput. Like from after school until Midnight.

Edited 2/17/2011

CenturyLink just revised their pricing. They removed the 5MB Tier and added a 25MB tier. On their website they indicate that 3MB cost $24.95, 10MB cost 39.95 and although not yet on their website I was quoted around $65.00 for 25MB. All prices quoted were for internet service bundled with voice. If a subscriber signs a contract they now allow a 30 day trial period and claim that if the subscriber is not satisfied they will refund their money and release them from the contract. They were not clear about the procedure to return the modem. One thing that irritates me is they do not disclose a $3.45 modem rental fee on their website. They indicated that I can purchase my own modem but claimed that they will support a customer owned modem even if it is the same model they rent. The only thing keeping me from trying their service is the contract. If one does not sign a contract they charge a $15.00 a month punitive fee.

Please see my review of Comcast.

Edited January 8, 2012

Trying to determine the rates for CenturyLink Telephone service is like trying to pick up jello with your fingers. Their website is almost useless. They require the subscriber to start an order before they can learn the price of what they are subscribing to. When I recently made changes to my service, the only offerings were basic and unlimited. They have since added a middle tier that does not require the subscriber to subscribe to unlimited long distance. Before they added the middle tier the subscriber had to order all features individually if they did not subscribe to unlimited long distance service. Subscribers can now order a package with ten features with or without unlimited long distance as a bundle. In general their rates appear intended to be confusing. Where available subscribers have the option of subscribing to telephone service through their CATV company.

I considered switching to CenturyLink HSI but gave up because I could not get an accurate price quote. I do not want to pay a premium for HSI if I do not sign a contact. I am still using Comcast for Broadband.

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