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Review by jus10 See Profile

  • Location: Sterling,Loudoun,VA
  • Cost: $74 per month
Good "When it works, you should be ok"
Bad "Pricey; Telemarketing Scum will call you"
Overall "Meh at best; Rage at worst."
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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Ah Comcast. My ISP for years. I've had them at numerous apartments but lets start down memory lane with just the apt I live in now.

I scheduled the install appointment and they said between 12 and 4. I waited all day; no one showed and I got into my PJs. The guy showed up at 9PM talking on his cell phone the whole time. All I needed him to do was give me a 3 foot length of RG6 and hook up the wire outside. That's all he did. I had to call in and register the modem myself but hey, after that it worked.

It has been working more or less since then. (2 years or so).

As long as nothing happens and it keeps working, its ok. I treat the connection with kid gloves as I'm afraid if something just breaks, its going to be another hassle. I really don't want that.

Edit 2010-2-26: Well since my original review I swapped out my old modem for a DS3 modem and Comcast eventually flipped on the DocSis 3. That greatly eased the issue I was having where speeds would not be consistent (speed up, slow down, speed up, etc). It's still expensive and there is still the 250 Gig Cap. While I'm not near that today I do worry about things down the line. We'll see how it goes!

Edit 2012-2-10: Must be something about February updates. Comcast has now adopted the disreputable tactic of telemarketing. That's right! In addition to absurd, unfounded rate hikes you'll now get annoying calls at all hours of the day and night to purchase phone service from them. I assume this is so they can call and annoy you at more numbers. For this I've trashed their "services" column in the review since I think it is a complete lack of service to harass me to buy more services I have no interest in. Their connection keeps chugging along; rates keep going up; but if they'd stop phone-spamming me, I wouldn't have the foaming at the mouth feeling that caused me to update this review.

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