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Review by mustang50 See Profile

  • Location: Roseville,Macomb,MI
  • Cost: $208 per month
Good "Service works as well as expected"
Bad "Still pricey, especially eMTA fee of $7.00 and free DTA is now $2"
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I've had Comcast for about about 5-6yrs now. Overall its been reliable, but there have been a few hiccups along the way. For the most part most things have been handled just calling the 800 number. A couple of times though I've had to use the DirectForum here at DSL Reports to get things fixed. While this is OK to me,I wonder how many others who don't know about this forum just have to live with a problem until it finally fixed.
I would like to say CC is trying and Steve and George have been great.
I finally bit the bullet and got triple-play last June, I am pleasantly surprised that CDV is working well.

Still waiting for DOCSIS 3.0. I know CC says by the end of 2010 all areas will have it, but it still sucks being last. I have a bad feeling it's going to be my X-mas
Maybe by time we get it they will have upstream bonding. Comcast MI needs to step up, instead of always following way behind.

I probably won't upgrade to a higher tier, but the channel bonding will hopefully eliminate my nightly slow downs.

Seems the competition is heating up. I've had u-verse and WOW salesmen at the door and many fliers in the mail. Almost felt sorry for the WOW guy. I asked if they could match CC's HD channels (we have over 100)..he shook his head and I thought he said wow...hahaha.
I also asked about plans for DOCSIS 3.0 ... I guess that did it...He said sorry to bother you and left.
So for now it's CC for me.

UPDATE---well not really an update because it's Sept 2010 and DOCSIS 3.0 is no where in sight. No one can even give an estimate when it might drop.

I know that many things have to done to launch D3, but to leave a major market area (Detroit) out of an upgrade seems kind of strange.
We (and there are many of us from MI) on DSLReports see all the great things OTHERS are getting and it really makes us upset that we pay our CC bills knowing we are NOT getting what others are.

UPDATE 11-4-10
A man came to the door today and told me Comcast would be working on the lines in our area. I asked if this was for DOCSIS 3.0 upgrades. He didn't really seem to know what DOCSIS 3.0 is, but he said it's for upgrades to get more HDs and faster internet. He said this would be soon though he didn't have a date or schedule. We got the HD channels (about 110 total) in June 09....So I hope these upgrades are for the internet...?!!!!

Update 12-1-2010
OK, so I guess CC decided to throw us a bone. They did upgrade us---BUT not to DOCSIS 3, they just (finally) upgraded to D 2 on the upstream. I guess something is better then nothing. This area's CMTS isn't D3 compatible, so I guess until they can change it, the wait will continue.........

Update 1-20-11

I guess Comcast missed their plan to have DOCSIS 3.0 to everyone by the end of 2010. I've heard the same thing the last couple of years, "It's coming soon"
Service has been good, TV and CDV work great, internet still slows down at night during primetime. The signals on my modem are a little off norm now.

While the down SNR is great @ 39dB----the power level jumped to +16 dBmV . I wasn't having any problems ,but I added a splitter to bring it down to 10 dBmV .
Thought about having a tech out, but it seems stable and I don't need the headache of trying to get them to understand what I mean. I'll keep an eye on it.

June 14,2011

Another 6 months and still no D3....I've been told it's close, but been there, heard that B4.
It's warmer out now and my downstream signal has dropped to +8 dBmV.
I was worried with the extra splitter the UP signal would go up, but so far it has stayed the same @ 47 .
My IP changed from range to but no other changes that I can tell.
The last few days my lease time for the IP has been 1hr.. instead of the usual 5day lease. This usually means some maintenance going on, but I'm still hopeful for D3......yeah a sucker is born

Television and CDV working great, but DVR still locks up once in a while


Well I guess I'm not a
DOCSIS 3.0 finally !!! I got 4 bonded downstream channels about a week after my last update.

To review, it has been very stable and my speed tests are almost exactly the same ALL the time. I tested at CC speedtest and get 30.4/3.5
I'm hoping that upstream bonding will hit soon. But I am very pleased with the results so far. This is on the BLAST tier. After my current promo is up I may try Extreme 50 for a while.

OK I have to give Comcast some kudos. I can honestly say I have never been happier w/comcast.
Since I got D3 a few weeks ago they have increased Blast speeds twice. Went from 16/2 before to 20/2 and recently 25/4. I have been consistently downloading @ 3.4MB/sec. with an initial PB @ over 4MB/sec.
The CDV has been flawless and the TV has been good with no pixelation and many HD channels.

OK enough...I don't want to jinx


Status the same....still getting good stable speeds. Still waiting for upstream bonding, but hey, it's good now. I had to replace my sb6120 because I'm clumsy and tripped over the cable and sent it flying into the wall. lol Something rattling around inside. Got a zoom 5341j and am happy with it. I like the 8x4 possibilities even though I only get 4x1 for now.

Got 8 bonded downstream .... Now just waiting for the same upgrade to BLAST that the northeast got... come on Comcast, we are paying customers too.


Comcast seems to be trying to push us to the edge.
By that I mean the price raises.
They seem to be hiding regular price raises in other areas...The modem fee has more then doubled from $3 to now $7...My "free , please take 2 DTA's are now $2 each...BTW I only took 1, but they tried to charge for 2....
I tried to watch Streampix (part of my Premier tripleplay...$4.95 was added to my bill. I called and they did remove the extra DTA and Streampix from my bill.

BUT when I paid my bill online (it was lowered because of the credits) I looked at the next months bill and was charged a late fee ($35.00) because I didn't pay the full amount due??? Yeah I did pay less then the original bill, BUT the website said less because of the credits. I called again and the lady said the credits weren't removed till after the next months bill...But I said the website said pay what I did pay. OK so now this month I must pay the late fee and it will be removed on the bill after this one??? Yeah I looked and it already off this months bill online, but I'd better pay the "FULL" amount or get another late fee...OMG now I'm thinking like

Things have been pretty steady...but last month a few HD channels that are part of my HD complete triple play were not coming in. ( was getting "this channel will be available soon" )... So I wait and wait and finally I decide to call after 4hrs and no channels. I wouldn't have cared so much but 1 channel was CBS.

I honestly thought twice about calling, Damn I should have thought three times. CSR is very friendly and has me do the usual --unplug the DVR...check connections glory.. . He says " let me send a hit and see".... Still nothing. CSR states he going to reset my account and see what happens. Still nothing. I say I think the headend needs to be informed, but he wants to send a truck. I say I don't think it's here and decline the truck roll.

I just ask him to somehow report this to engineering and I wait. He says he will escalate this.. Long story short, about an hour later all channels are back....whew.

Ahhhhh but here's the zinger...... This month's bill comes and even though I didn't change anything my bill is $13.62 higher. No not because of price increases...because now all of a sudden they added
the HD technology fee..I think when the CSR reset my account he screwed something up.

Now I may be ignorant but I'm not stupid. I thought my HD COMPLETE XF triple play included DVR modem eMTA fees...nothing but the 3play price + taxes..

So I call billing...natch I get India...I explain the situation she says wait I'll check.. After 5 mins she says her boss says HD tech fee is not included and only reason I wasn't charged was because I'm on a 1 year promo.

I say yes I'm on a promo. She says HD tech fee is only for 6 months of my 1 yr. promo and I must pay this now. I try to explain even if this is correct,( I know it's not) I've only been on the promo 4 months. She says sorry, but nothing she can do.. I'm turning red and hold my temper and just hang up.

When I signed up the rep stated my bill would be the same for 12 months...I said no hidden fees ..he says no hidden fees, but taxes may change a few cents.

This is still not resolved , I'll try again Tuesday...MLK day Monday...uggg.

It is just so hard to get through to someone who really knows what to do @ Comcast.

update: 1-21-14
Ok it took an email to to resolve , but I think they straightened it out..(fingers crossed). lol I'll see next month

UPDATE 4-29-14

So today I find out Comcast may be dumping us to Charter...Hmmm
It figures, I was just getting happy...well maybe not happy...but satisfied with them.
The speed increase to 105/20 was pretty cool and unexpected. I haven't gotten the X-1 platform yet, but that also looks promising. Oh well no sense getting used to that.

I'm kind of bummed, although Comcast can be a hassle to get things fixed when broken, things are great when working.

I'm really thinking about dropping Comcast before they drop me. Yeah, a little dramatic, but hey they don't want my money anymore, so there's no reason to be loyal.
I'm sure all of this won't go down soon, so I have time to decide.

OK can someone direct me to the SPINCO forum??? lol

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