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Six Month Rating

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Review by gachod1 See Profile

  • Location: Ontario
  • Cost: $39 per month
Good "Service still up, albeit a lot worse these days"
Bad "New, non-existent tech support/customer service, poor connection"
Overall "Currently shopping for another ISP... suggestions?"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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What prompted this review:

1. Recent inconsistent/slow connection.

2. Apparently non-existent tech support/customer service.

I moved to my place five years ago. At that time I signed up with Sympatico because they had a great deal going. I was synced at 3008/800 without any problems the whole time. Sympatico jacked the price by 50% after a year or year and a half, so I decided to change ISP. You can read my reviews of 3Web and Acanac. I finally went with TekSavvy 2-3 years ago, based on the good reviews they were getting here. They were never able to offer me the same speed I had with Sympatico, but I was eventually able to get a somewhat stable connection at 2496/640.

Over the last year to year and a half, I noticed that my connection would slow down significantly from time to time. I would check my modem to find that my sync speed had been dropped to 1728/384 or less. I would call TekSavvy and the tech support would tell me that my sync speed had been dropped (by Bell supposedly). When I asked why, they did not know. They would test my line and tell me that I should be able to get 3008/800 without any problems and they would look into it. I would eventually get synced back up to 2496/640 (never got back to 3008/800). This happened several times. I had been able to get through to tech support right away each time I called (literally no hold whatsoever).

I recently helped my parents and a few friends sign up for DSL service with TekSavvy. I noticed significant hold times over the last couple months (in excess of 15 minutes), but I was able to get through, eventually.

Over the last few days, I noticed my sync speed had dropped again. Yesterday when I called, I was placed on hold twice, for 16 minutes each time, then inexplicably bumped from the queue with a message telling me to leave a voice mail and someone would call me back. 32 minutes lost last night. I left messages, but no one called back. I figured I would try again this morning. Same thing. another 32 minutes lost, no call back.

Over an hour on hold, getting bumped from the queue and no one calling back is not the support or service I was expecting from TekSavvy. Ditto for the lousy connection speed (1728/384 as I write). It might be what I should have expected from 3web or Acanac. But at least I was paying less for the privilege of being ignored and getting a lousy connection with those two.

So here I am browsing while writing this review in search of a new ISP. Primus looks like a good deal. Any suggestion for an ISP for someone living near Ottawa, ON? Once I find a good ISP, I will switch my parents and friends over as well. Unlike some customers who only tell others of a lousy experience, I act on it. It may be a drop in the bucket for TekSavvy, but they will lose a dozen or so customers over this experience (I am one of those guys family and friends rely on for free tech support and advice).

Hopefully Teksavvy can get their act together before they start losing customers en masse. Emulating Acanac and 3web of a few years ago is not the way to go.

UPDATE: I just called again. After waiting about 10 minutes, someone picked up the phone and promptly hung up. This is Acanac all over again.

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