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Review by lordpuffer See Profile

  • Location: Rio Rancho,Sandoval,NM
  • Cost: $20 per month
  • Install: about 4 days
  • Telco party Qwest
Good "At Least I'm getting Service"
Bad "I'm Nowhere Near The 40/20 That I'm Provisioned For"
Overall "I'm Tired Of Hearing the"
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Install Co-ordination:
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I knew that I was moving to NM to a building that has 40/20, so I ordered Qwest. With phone service, Internet service was $19.95 for the first 6 months, and then $85 per month for the rest. 20 up? That's insane! I received my vDSL modem the day they promised, and I was off like the speed of light......The $85 per month is going to hurt a little bit, so I'll do without TV service for a little while.

Update 11/7/10: DSL still working well. I have the Q100 modem bridged to a D-Link DGL-4500 Router. About once per week, the DSL stops working, and I have to re-boot both and it works again. Don't know if it's the Router or the Modem, however, the same thing happened when I had my D-Link DIR-655, and this is my second Modem.

Also, even though they are pretty high (no serious complaints here), I'm seeing top speeds of 33/13. It's just that the $85 per month is going to kick in, which I was well aware of when I ordered the service, and would like to see speeds closer to the 40/20 which was ordered. Qwest told me that the lower speeds are due to congestion at the local office.

Update 12/30/10: Since I was not getting the speed that I should have on the 40/20 plan due to the wiring in my apartment complex, a Qwest Field Technician lowered my speed to 20/5, and surfing the web actually seems faster! He spent a long time with me, and made extra efforts in explaining the benefits of lowering the speed. Good CS/Tech Support.

Update 1/4/12: I have not updated this review for a while, however, I did switch back to 40/5 before CenturyLink bought out Qwest. It has been working fine, basically the same, however I have always had a bit more latency than I would like. CL's speed test shows about 29ms, however, other speed test sites show about 65ms. I'm thinking of actually calling CL and going back up to the 40/20 Plan to see how that works now. I'll post a review of it once it's done.

Update 1/10/12: Well, they updated me to 40/20. Speed tests show about 34/16 (this is on their site....much lower on other speed test sites). I called CenturyLink, and they determined that it's "Congestion," and it should be fixed in 4 weeks. That's funny, for that's the same line I heard from Qwest over one year ago when I first had the 40/20 service.....BS IMO.

Update 1/12/12: It turned out to be BS. I emailed TalkToUs@CenturyLink.com, and I received a call back telling me it WAS NOT CONGESTION, but instead, there is a problem with my line. A Tech is supposed to come out today to try to fix it.

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