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Review by bbwithdrawls See Profile

  • Location: Vanleer,Dickson,TN
  • Cost: $8 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 5 days
Good "more features than my old att @90.00 mth,customer service is outstanding"
Bad "hadnt seen any yet"
Overall "impressive for the cost , I would highly recomend and do frequently"
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

I recently had a T1 installed and soon after made the jump to Voip , I researched a lot here on dsl reports and kept coming back to phone power , I was paying 90.mth for att unlimited long distance , after phone power easy and quick install i was up and running in minutes ,quality was great after playing with this , this has twice the features that my old ATT service had , fail safe # and visual voice mail and the best feature is the fax catcher ,

one thing I have to mention is the customer service , if I call its answered in minutes , I can go to the web page and get a chat in minutes , I couldn't do that with ATT and the forums here on DSl reports are great , I cant say enough , I got mine in July and I figure I'm coming up up on 3 mths , at 90 mth I have paid for it already and i still have 21 mths left of free service,

I did feel bad when canceling my service and they asked what they could do to keep me , I said lower the price to 8.00 mth , that went over well

bottom line is it is working well for me , features are great , customer service is great ,price is awesome ,

updated 07/2011 coming up on the first year of service and I cant complain , cant say there have been outages that I,ve noticed at all , every blue moon I have to unplug my device and plug it back in and all's well, I'm running this on a T1 and occasionally I notice when I'm downloading something big or using communicator thru my vpn at the same time I hear it breaking up a bit ,

the only complaint I can come up with at this point is the marketing for customers after the 2 years are up , new customers get all the breaks and good deals and the old loyal customers are just forgotten about , thats why so many switch services , Directv is a another good example , after your a customer you have to call and beg for deals , the new customers get all the breaks , I guess my point is there is nothing to keep me from shopping around after my 2 years are up, course that is still a year off , maybe they;ll take a hint ??

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