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Review by northalabama See Profile

  • Location: Huntsville,Madison,AL
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "On Screen Apps, HD On-Screen Guide"
Bad "Signal Reliability Is A Joke, I Can't Watch TV In The Rain"
Overall "First Look Elsewhere If You Have Other Choices"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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4/2012: left directv, see comcast review

UPDATE - Directv just rolled out a new, high resolution HD on-screen user guide that looks really nice. Good news first - searching for shows in the guide is a lot faster, and the picture quality of the guide is great with the increased resolution. They have also added movie ratings from rotten tomatoes and flixster, and rearranged their menu to use icons instead of list based choices.

The bad news, when I try to pull up my playlist on my dvr's, it takes forever for the screen to load, a good 15-20 seconds after i hit the list button on the remote. That doesn't sound like a long time, but if your sitting there, waiting for the list, it seems like an eternity. I hope they get that fixed soon.

Also, just when I thought Directv on-demand couldn't get any slower, it now takes me 3-4 hours to download one HD movie. Doesn't on-demand mean right now, not ask and get it in a few hours?

I still can't wait for U-verse to come to town so I can give their service a try. I might even consider going back to Comcast if U-verse doesn't get here soon, or if Directv's service doesn't improve.

UPDATE - The on-demand selection is slim, and I have to use my own broadband connection, which is going to get interesting with caps and overage fees from at&t. Sometimes it takes 2-3 hours to download 1 HD movie.

I called customer service, and the rep didn't really know how to help. She said she didn't have high speed internet at home and had never used Directv, and that there wasn't much information given to her to help with on-demand.

In the past, Directv has rolled out software updates to my dvr that have shut down my service in the home, at least twice. Don't they test these things before sending them out to customers?

10/2009 - Pre sales info and installation was a breeze, but the tech through trash all over the yard and in the home, and i had to clean it up later. I lose service every time it rains, and sometimes when it's cloudy.

The only reason I put up with Directv is the only other alternative is Comcast.

I cant wait for U-verse to come to town.

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