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  • Location: New York,New York,NY
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My husband and I have been going through difficult times. We had a bill
coming up for Direct TV that I knew would put us over-drawn in our bank
account. I called them a week before the bill was due and told them I
could pay it the week after. I was then informed that they could not put
a stop payment on an automatic withdrawal. This I found confusing seeing
as how every other automatic bill pay I had could be stopped. I then
called my bank and put a stop payment on the payment. IT CAME OUT
ANYWAYS! I called the bank again and was informed that they removed the
money from my Debit card so there would be no way to stop it....Is this
not illegal? I thought companies could not remove money from a debt card
without the customers ok.....I did NOT give the ok! When I called DTV
back and confronted them about this I was told there was no way to get
the money back even though they made us over-drawn! But I was offered a
credit to my account. I am sorry but I can not feed my family with a
television credit! I am discussed and shocked with this company's lack
of understanding during these tough times. Honestly, this company is the
ONLY company who has been unwilling to work with us during our difficult
time. They have made it very clear that they don't care about their
customers and will take money from their empty pockets. Shame on Direct
TV!!!!!! SHAME!!!!!!!!

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lodged 3.5 years ago