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Review by elefante72 See Profile

  • Location: East Amherst,Erie,NY
  • Cost: $23 per month
  • Install: about 12 days
Good "I love the 2 lines for one, 60 min international"
Bad "Lots of nibbling issues, fax forgetaboutit"
Overall "OK if you don't pay full price like me, I dislike new web site"
Ease of Installation:
Call Quality:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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I have have PP for almost 2 years since the demise of callvantage which I considered the best VOIP ever, since I have had:

vonage - the worst CS and industrial screw-you contracts, however the as voice it worked. Practically no features, but this was 5 years ago... They mess up their routing tables on term too, other vonage people were calling the wrong #...

voip.ms - could never get it to work reliably w/ my handytone.

ATT CV - Everything worked and faxes (they used some side band channel). I was really sad to see it go. CS rocked too.

ViaTalk - What a nightmare. My mother still has them, so they are better now, but when I had them it was problem after problem.

Callcentric - Seemed great, however they charged $$$ for Canada at the time (which is crazy--but whatever), which all of my wifes fam is there

So w/ ATT CV my phone never had an issue, sounded great, had lots of nice features, and faxes worked 100%. PP has been none of these, however they have some innovative features that I really like (60min international, 2 for 1 outgoing).

The issue is that I can't have a conference call without it dropping audio every few minutes for a few seconds, DTMF tones work randomly (they don't like 0 on my phones), and I want to put my adapter in it's own VLAN to prioritize my VOIP traffic. Don't ask my network is complex, however my Cisco router will classify on MAC it's just not as clean. I have never been able to fax, and people talk about how hard it is to fax over VOIP, but I never didn't have a fax go through w/ ATT CV. I now use an internet fax service and pay extra $$$, and it takes me a few more steps, but its just another annoyance that nibbles at the service.

I'm getting FIOS in 2 days, so my line will be ported to VZ, so we will see how it goes, and I think that there service will be more reliable than PP, but if it isn't I will keep looking around.

I haven't ported my family over to PP because it just isn't rock solid, and since most are canadian they are really happy about voip.ms which saves them mucho $$$ up there. I'm not sure if voip.ms, bell, rogers, or shaw are to blame (internet really sucks in Canada compared to the US--its tragically slow, congested, and ultra expensive with ridiculous caps), but voip.ms voice quality is spotty at best but it is dirt cheap for Canadians who get taken by their big telcos there.

So in my 2 years I would give them a solid 8, however I never entered into a contract (being burned by so many VOIP companies), so the $23/month is way more than the average user pays. So $200/2years I would say this is a steal, however be prepared for some stuff to happen--not major but nibbles.

I never really tried to stomp out the intermittent issues, since I'm busy and the investment to potentially solve was more than the service issues, but if there is a prob I just hit the cell phone which is unlimited too and VZW is always reliable in my area.

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