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Review by ldbest See Profile

  • Location: Lebanon,Warren,OH
  • Cost: $50 per month
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "Down speeds are fine"
Bad "Up speeds have never been as advertised, even at this trial 20x2"
Overall "They don't give you what you pay for"

Options? There aren't many ... Time Warner wire or ADSL are out of the question for the speeds we need. We're on a trial for "Premium" home users which costs $10 a month more than basic FiOptics service, but have yet to attain the minimum bandwidth up we need of 1.5Mbps despite being promised 2.0 and getting the newest best company provided modem.

Why the ISPs around here can't give equal down/up speeds is something I cannot understand ... they manage it in other countries, and even other parts of the USA, but can't seem to do it here in Ohio with this grope (not a typo) of providers.

I hate being cheated, and I've felt cheated ever since Cincinnati Bell bought out the Lebanon Fiber Optics system.

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