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Review by mlord See Profile

  • Location: Nepean,ON
  • Cost: $62 per month (month by month)
  • Install: about 8 days
Good "Great plans, CHEAP, not Bhell/Rogers."
Bad "Tech support is totally clueless and useless."
Overall "Prospective customers should be tech-savvy, because Teksavvy isn't anymore."
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Install Co-ordination:
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Great plans and pricing, weak tech-support.

Their first-level "tech support" people are new, inexperienced, and generally useless. They don't seem to know anything, really. So life is good until/unless something goes wrong with the connection, then you are hung out to dry. Unbelievably poor/non-existent support.

TSI appears to have no network monitoring to speak of, preferring instead to crowd-source it to their customers. If only a few complain, they don't bother investigating network issues that impact their customer base. If many complain, over many weeks, then TSI might take an interest and begin to investigate further.

When signing up with TSI, you take your chances. If there's a technical or line issue, TSI will be unable to help diagnose or fix it, even when it's totally on their end or with their suppliers.

Network speeds over the local cable "segment" are usually good -- about 28mbits/sec on a 28mbits/sec plan -- and cable is way way better than DSL. But TSI (cable & DSL) are not as well connected to the rest of the world as Rogers, Bell, or Bell-Alliant, and it can take a lot of lobbying to get them interested in resolving issues with *their* own ISPs (aka. "the internet").

TSI's internet plans are better/cheaper than Rogers/Bell, and TSI lobbies hard to the CRTC on our behalf. But remember, this all comes with zero-support and totally clueless staff. So if you're not a techie yourself, you might want to consider alternatives. If you are a techie, or have one you can lean on, then no hesitation required: go for TSI.

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Teksavvy Tech Service

My experience parallels the initial poster here.

They used to be fab. Last couple of years they have sucked !!

And now they are adding arrogance and that really pissed me off as a long time customer !!