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Review by gcw See Profile

  • Location: Schaumburg,Cook,IL
  • Cost: $49 per month
  • Install: about 6 days
Good "Mostly-reliable service (when the techs don't screw things up)"
Bad "Completely inept support. Tier 3 doesn't know jack about networking"
Overall "Use them if you're opposed to Comcast and/or AT&T otherwise save yourself the headaches and avoid them"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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I've had WOW service for about a year now. They don't offer the fastest speeds but that's okay for what I do. Their 250GB monthly cap is inane but hey at least they let you know it's there upfront (unlike some ISPs).

After a year of service I can state that their technical support is perhaps the least well informed bunch of "technical" personnel on the planet. On the one hand I commend them for keeping their call-center staffed 24/7 and keeping the jobs on-shore here in the US (where their business is). That said, to call their support staff even poorly trained would be an exaggeration.

In my case I'd been first told to configure my device with a "static" IP address that turned out to be dynamic. Then I was assigned another IP address that was improperly configured on their side. When I called in to let them know, specifically, that it was a routing issue they wasted more than 6 hours of my time having me walk through senseless 'trouble-shooting' steps until they had given up. When I pointed out to them that the default gateways were different for the working IPs we'd tested and the one non-working IP that was routing improperly they finally realized that I knew what I was talking about and told me that they would escalate the issue to the 'networking team'. 6 hours of my life wasted because their tier 3 support team doesn't know anything about basic networking.

A few things I was told by their techs that let you know how clueless they are:
me: So you want me to take out my manual IP config and set my router to get a configuration from your side with DHCP?
Wow Tier-3: No DHCP is used for DYNAMIC configurations on your LAN. When you get an IP from us you'll pull it from our servers and we give you the static one.
me: ok so if it's not DHCP then is it BootP that you use to configure the static IPs?
Wow Tier-3: that's proprietary
me: What's proprietary????
Wow Tier-3: The technology we use to have you pull your IP from us. We can't disclose it.

==Web Site==
Me: Well I'm not able to establish a route to host
Wow Tier-3: Well is there a website for that host?
Me: What do you mean? If you're asking whether there is a web server running on that host; no there is not. If you're asking whether there is a web server running anywhere on that network, I'm sure there is.. but I don't know where.
Wow Tier-3: Well if you can't get to their in IE how do you know their site is even up?
Me: Because I can get to that host from another IP address
Wow Tier-3: So then you're not having a problem getting there....
Me: No, I _am_ having a problem getting there from the IP you assigned me. But I can get there from another host on the internet so I know the host is up.
Wow Tier-3: What's the website? I'll see if I can get there
Me: There is no website. It's just a host out on the internet that I'm trying to get to
Wow Tier-3: Well maybe their firewall is preventing you from getting to their website.

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