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Six Month Rating

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Review by ymhee_bcex See Profile

  • Location: Tarzana,Los Angeles,CA
  • Cost: $15 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 3 days
Good "Sound quality, features, value"
Bad "24-month contract, website can be confusing"
Overall "Excellent value for the money"
Ease of Installation:
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Tech Support:
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·AT&T U-Verse
Update December 2013


This contract has come to an end, but PhonePower agreed to extend it for 2 more years on the same terms. At least we won't be surprised at the end of first year when the bill for additional fees comes due. I tried to switch to a IP phone, but for some reason I was losing registration after 15 minutes. Probably something with the central router in the building - but other providers that I tried (CallCentric and Voip.MS) - *did not* have this problem. Additionally, once a device is registered, it doesn't get "unregistered" on the website for several hours. And since there is a limit of 4 registrations for BYOD devices - you have to call support to clear those "false positives" out.

I also have a SIP trunking account with Phone Power (and PIAF on RentPBX). Technically - no issues for 6 months. Billing-wise - "add-on fees" add almost 25% to the cost of service.

Update October 2012


Got a bill for the second ("free") year - $64 in "taxes and fees". So, the total real price for 2-year contract is about $15/month. Feels a little bit like cheating (like buying something for $7.95 + $7 for shipping and handling)...

On the upside - they added a new feature (currently in beta): forwarding based on time of day. For a doctor's office it was the biggest thing that was missing!

Update January 2012


The service remains good. There was an outage a few days ago. Both the service and website were out for couple hours. More details here: »[General] PhonePower down?

Wouldn't be a big deal (especially, for me since it was on Saturday morning). However, PhonePower handled it terribly. First, it showed that a technical glitch can bring down *both* service and website - bad design. Second, there were no communications through other means (and ITIL teaches us that client communications are as important during incident management as is actual incident resolution). Last, PP scrubbed two forums on their website, replacing with a meaningless locked post by the administrator ( »www.phonepower.com/forum/topic.php?id=447 ). It gives a nasty smell of a cover-up. As I said in the original review, the techies seem to be high-class, but people running the business could use some coaching.

Original review - October 2011


I've been VoicePulse customer for 7 years (3 accounts); but when my cousin was moving her medical office I went with Phone Power. So far, I haven't been disappointed. Cloned line alone made the cost saving quite significant ($50 vs $11 per month - not all doctors are rich). I bought adapter in Fry's - last unit, and it was returned. Apparently, MAC was already registered, so I had to call support. less than a minute wait, and the lady fixed the problem while I was waiting. Second call was to tech support - I plugged the adapter before the service was on (email said "after 8PM", but I only paid attention to the date). Again, less than a minute on hold, the guy understood the issue even before I finished explaining, and turned on the service while I was on call.

Pleasant surprise - phone number was ported in less than a week. Don't know if Phone Power is so good, or the process got easier; just a year ago it took almost a month.

I haven't tried fax yet (we are using Extreme Fax and love it, but monthly allowance of 500 pages is not enough) - something that VoicePulse never got working. Hopefully, this will be another icing on the cake. *UPDATE* I tried fax and it works! Now I am really thinking about ditching VoicePulse...

Now, to the annoyances. The website says in big letters that the plan is $8.33 ($200 for two years), but the junk fees add 25% to the price (before anybody starts flaming, I am *not* saying that it's false advertising. I am saying that the company misrepresents add-on costs as government-imposed taxes and fees). Second, the knowledge base is very informative, but it is often not clear if the article applies to small business plan or to hosted pbx, or to sip trunking.

Last in the annoyances department. The adapter costs $80 with $80 rebate. It's a Grandstream HT502 which costs $34 at VoipSupply. Obviously, the cost is completely arbitrary (although I haven't got my rebate check yet. *UPDATE* I did get a check in 6 to 8 weeks, as promised). All I really pay is sales tax. But why would you set the price at double the retail?! Vonage and 8x8 on the same shelf cost $40!

It has been only a month, but now her partners want to move their PBX to IP, and Phone Power is certainly a top candidate.

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Did you get the beta feature activated?

Tarzana, CA
·AT&T U-Verse

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UPDATE Nov. 7, 2012:
Unfortunately, I spoke too soon. It looks like new ICM still has some problems, the biggest is it's unable to save the forwarding number. It was saving yesterday, but today all calls were forwarded to medical emergency services, instead of off-site receptionist. Support tried to troubleshoot, but in the end gave up and suggested to revert back and wait until the service goes into production mode.

Thanks for reminding! I got the email with the invitation; I told Doctor (business owner) about it; and then we both forgot

Now that it is enabled, we are setting it up. it feels a little bit confusing - some options take effect right away; others require pressing Save button. But the help pages are very good; and this feature is extremely important for the business.
Technical problems are more often than not management incompetence masquerading as technical issues


Glad you like it, if you have an input email support or post on the forums. The product is still evolving and changing and as things start to solidify we will produce more help content.