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Review by FarmerBob See Profile

  • Location: Littleton,Arapahoe,CO
  • Cost: $75 per month
  • Telco party Qwest
Good "Nothing since the merger."
Bad "Everything since the merger."
Overall "I have moved to Xfinity and don't regret it!"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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My Other Reviews


Once again as prompted by the Trusty DSLR "Staff" who gathered around the water cooler and cried at my review, I update and close with this: I finally got my friend to dump CL and go with Comcast as he was having nothing but problems and CL just couldn't get it right. And in that light, I don't see how they are going to do a Gigabit connection, of which there is only one small area up North off an office park that has business lines of which way down here in the burbs we'll will not see, if at all, in a long time. Even though, I am 3318 feet from the CO and he less, they still can't give us halfway decent service. Needless to say he is very happy now and all his toys and wife are very happy now. I even got him to dump CL's telephone, since it seems that they have no control over the calls the come over the lines and CID, and go VoIP with VoIPO for both his home and office telephone. He really loves this. I have switched 10 people due to the existing and emerging issues with CL telephone service. Am in the process of moving my Mothers service over too. 20 spam calls a day when the number is on the Do Not Call List and you have to pay high dollar to thwart these guys AND CL's processing of CID info is abysmal and prevents you from effectively dealing with SPAM calling. VoIP products have so many free features that help deal with this new influx.

Over the past year or so my area has become a big (high priced) house selling area and we have many new families. One is across the street from me and we were talking yesterday about the dynamic difference in QoS from there capitol city home and the new place in the suburbs, which isn't all that suburban anymore. They went with what they knew and stayed with CL before really checking things out. They are severely upset, what with 3 teenagers in the house and crap service. I am trying to get them some relief through my connections, but doubt anything can be done. Otherwise it would have been done long ago and I and so many others in this area wold still be Qwest/CL customers. They cost themselves the business.


I don't remember writing on the 11th. Just 8 days ago. And if I did I would have written this: I have a neighbor that has all the Internet toys I have and uses them on CL DSL. What a mess. He just won't move to Comcast for real Internet. And since he's looking to "cut the cord", he'll need a good Internet connection. After the big rains he had, he had service issues and they came out and cleaned up 40 years of junk wiring, which I did on my own years ago, and did some new fangled thing to split the DSL and telco at the user box (which is done in the modem a couple of feet further on). Makes no sense to any one what they did, but it did nothing for his service. So unless this is for a surprise upgrade, as I have read that they are doing, the work done seems irrelevant.

So in this conclusion, some services are better than others, and it all looks to be the luck of the draw AND the hope that they don't do anything once you're set.

UPDATE: 10/11/13:

So glad I left CenturyStink. Don't believe a thing they say or advertise. They are slowly dying and the industry analysts say it's only a matter of time.

UPDATE: 12/16/11:

Going on a week with my new service and all is very well. All the issues that I had with my VoIP service are gone with no packet loss now. General access to the Internet is lightening fast and very stable compared to CL. After all, a stable connection is better than a fast one. I have both now.

All is good so far. Will be having the telco shut down and removed this week. 5 less cables running to the house and for me to worry about.

UPDATE 12/10/11:

Just had Xfinity installed this afternoon. OMG!!! What a difference and at a fraction of the price. If this does not turn out to be a dream and things stay "groovy", this is going to fantastic.

Buh Bye, Qwest/CL. It's been . . .

UPDATE 12/7/11:

I was put on the new FTTN in our area 10/10 at a new "faster" speed and all was perfect. Except for being told the change would cost $5 a month and the bill shows $15. Right after CL took over in our area, last Spring, early Summer, I had a two day blackout and since my service has been crap. A TTU agent has tried to do whatever she could but no joy. Both UL and DL speeds are all over the place from 1Mbps to 24Mbps (so I know that great speeds are available and work), suppose to have 12, and service is severely unstable. VoIP will not work, web and mail are really slow now.

So . . . at the end of the month I will be moving to, dare I say it, Comcast. Better speeds, better pricing. I have three new neighbors, one has a Home Automation company and none would consider CL. I can live with the caps for the time being and was told that my account could be easily changed to a No Cap Business Account and possibly with better pricing for fast service.

I have a Qwest review that's more inclusive re-posted below.

UPDATE (11/26/11):

Comcast is installing on Tuesday. Can't wait. Also just got eMails from three neighbors that are between me and the CO (3318'), so they are closer to the CO and "should" have great service, asking if I had made a decision on moving. Once they heard that I was, they want to now also.

I have never seen such a clusterfrak and ardent "forced" migration from any provider, ever. It's as if CL is trying to intentionally kill off their telco holdings.

UPDATE: Adding last Qwest Review prior to the switchover to CL here in case that area "goes away" . . .

UPDATE (11/20/11):

Well the love stopped. The TTU team seems to be on the outside of actual info after the merger. Due to too many unnecessary complications that have arisen from the CL buyout, I have been forced to find another provider. No stability, speeds from 3Mbps to 24Mbps (am suppose to have 12). Leaving mid-December.

UPDATE (10/10):

Things have changed incredibly for the better. Although it took some ranting in forums which got me noticed by the Talk To Qwest Team that is all over now and who have done nothing but take excellent care of me. These people are sharp, work with and talk to you, not at you. It's quite refreshing and a comforting sign that things are looking up. Considerably. Qwest is coming of age nicely and with it their services and (mostly) support. I'm now at the 12Mbps tier and loving it.

Previous Review:

I had 10 Mbps SDSL with Sprint ION from 1998 to 2002 which was chased away by Qwest by not providing reseller services and right of way guaranteed by law. Sprint said it was easier and cheaper to stop the service than sue. I cried that day. ZERO problems for four years and 10 Mbps SDSL and four Digital Phone Lines for $120 a month. I then fled to several other providers that in the beginning promised the moon, but once again Qwest got in the way and they eventually went away or got real slow and expensive with lots of excuses (Speakeasy). So after years of having to move around Qwest finally offered ADSL at a half way reasonable (bundled) price. After having all the problems that I have had with third party companies not getting the support that they needed from Qwest and the fact that no matter what Qwest was going to be in the "loop", and I would get a far better price for the speed, I went with Qwest. My first indication of trouble should have been the botched install coordination. It took five different Sales Reps to get it right and two of them I knew from having worked there years ago.

In the beginning it was great. After time and growth in my area, my once pristine phone lines that once carried 10 Mbps SDSL, oh I'm 3300 feet from the CO, are all beaten up from the addition of additional lines. So from 10 Mbps, well 7 with Qwest to 4 if I am lucky. The final report was that the lines from the CO to the Crossbox, the first third of the loop, are damaged. But from the Crossbox to the house are perfect. So why won't they fix what they have broken. They won't really say hiding behind their acceptable speed policies. So here I sit at a distance the many would kill for with a service that is mediocre at best. Oh and Fibre won't be coming here for a couple of years since this area is just fine as it is now. Plus it's Fibre to the CO that will not do me any good.

So . . .

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Minneapolis, MN


The same thing kinda happened to me also. Honestly it just your standard tech being lazy. So sometimes you gotta make a few email's to the ceo and your good

I was with xfinity (it was comcast when I had it) once. They always screwed up on my bill for some odd reason.



Re: Well

Location is key. My neighborhood gets great service from both. I have been a tech for both companies in the past and they have good / bad neighborhoods.

Minneapolis, MN

Re: Well

Yeah exactly.

Your going in blind with isp's

trial and error

@OP: based on your new update. Your neighbor must of gotten pair bonded which stabilizes the line and improves it.

Minneapolis, MN

Re: Well

And I read wrong

They must be prepping for a upgrade to fix stuff or idk


CL is the worst

Couldn't agree with you more, CL is the one of the worst, and most overpriced "broadband" services you can get, I was getting dinged almost $100 per month, plus the billing department at CL is a god damn joke (kept getting "shut off" notices for failure to pay, even though I was on auto-bill, and there's always more than enough money in the account)
Their customer service is also terrible I ordered a new modem and paid for overnight delivery (there are no century link stores anywhere near me). It took 5+ days to get to my house ( a total of 7 days without internet) because the Rep never completed the order. They still charged me full price for next day air (TWICE!) and shipped 2 modems to my house, CL added the two modems to my bill! I still have not resolved this over a week later.
I also switched to Comcast cable, and it is Wayyyy wayyyy better, faster, and so far more affordable) Until FO become available around here I will stick with cable.