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Review by chgo_man99 See Profile

  • Location: Dubuque,Dubuque,IA
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "Faster than dsl offerings from centurylink (qwest)"
Bad "unreliable service, frequent outages, horrible customer support"
Overall "ok for home HSI, bad for TV offerings, if you run business avoid"

I used the service for over a year but now that I moved to another place, I don't need them anymore and I am happy to cancel service.

Recently mediacom has improved on service, though mediacom customer tech support may be still as horrid as when I needed to frequently contact them before they did recent upgrade to cable system.

In the beginning they sucked, from billing, provisioning, customer service to actually service, speed, reliability, etc. They were among of the last cable operators to allow over-provisioning speed tiers and for a long time they did not support channel rebalancing so you were often stuck at slow speeds during prime times (evenings, weekends). I saw speed dropping from 12 mb down to 2-3 mb/s. Now their speeds are consistent but they still have outages (whether planner or not) mostly after midnight in the middle of week.

This is ok, if you go to bed early or have a backup (dsl, cellular) but its bad if you rely on your internet connection to dial vpn into your work intranet. I would not use their VOIP. I would neither use their TV. The channel selection, VOD and old outdated equipment are mediocre. If you need good TV and live in Mediacom territory make sure you can get DirecTV.

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Rude Employee

When I had problems with the internet service, they couldn't seem to find the problem, and then when the repairman was leaving I told him the modem lights went out, and he sighed very rudely. I told him I was the one who was paying for service without getting what I paid for. Also, once when a tech came to the house, he had no idea what he was doing and made a very unprofessional and rude remark which was...There are too many old people in this world." When I canceled the serivice once (before signing up again) this same one employee who made the remark about "old people" said, "You mean after I spent all day (hooking up the service) you are now cancelling!!" Well, not my fault that he took so long, and that remark was totally out of line. I have talked with some nice reps, but it seems that's the exception rather than the rule.

Our phone service needs improvement. People get busy signals all day long, my phone is reported as being disconnected, and a lot of problems.

To be fair, their service has improved, but the phone problems remain. I think the price is too high for the bundle, TV, internet, and phone. I am going to go to Direct TV next week.

San Jose, CA

Re: Rude Employee

wise choice. Unfortunantly mediacom has monopoly in most areas it servers and wont improve much. They are one of the last cable providers to adopt new technology. Even their web hosting service to server customer accounts is a joke. You still cannnot order anything from them today over the internet!

They have frequent outages too. Unfortunately the only remedy against this is to have dual-wan balanced router connected to dsl or 3g/4g card. that however doubles you bill.