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Review by Hemish See Profile

  • Location: Riviere-Du-Loup,QC
  • Cost: $70 per month
  • Install: about 30 days
Good "Cheaper than Videotron, better monthly bandwith limits"
Bad "Slightly worse ping than the network it uses (Videotron)"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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Package : Cable 30mbps/2mbps
Supplied modem : Thompson DCM475

I called a full 30 days in advance to order because I couldn't do it earlier than that. I had to wait for my Videotron's contract to end. Videotron never confirmed the activation date and I had to contact Teksavvy Tech Support. It took a few days prior to my activation date and finally, on the day of the activation, Videotron answered Teksavvy and confirmed my activation would be on the date I wanted.

My service was activated on the 6th of June 2012. Beside the ping that isn't as good as before, I was able to get the full 30mbps/2mbps speeds I signed up for. Most of the stress that came with the activation was not really Teksavvy's fault but since they were my contact, I put in a neutral score in the review.

Still in my first month and on two occasions the routing broke and many addresses / websites were not connectable. I have too many fingers on one hand to count how many times that happened in the last 7 years with the ISP I just left.

UPDATE - June 27th 2012

Since June 25th evening, speed issues arose in the evening while congestion is not an issue in my small city since Videotron started offering Internet cable in the year 2000. Since Teksavvy is using Videotron I'm not sure what the problem is all of a sudden. I created a thread in the forums and people from different cities in Quebec reported the same issues. I really don't think it's on Videotron's part as no problems were reported by Videotron users and my friends in my city are still getting their full 30mbps when mine dies off.

I'm really not impressed so far and I still don't have a full month of usage done.

UPDATE - June 28th 2012

When there's no routing issues and during off peak hours, everything is good and I don't seem to be sufferering from disconnections. I adjusted my scores to reflect the situation more. The service is stable in the sense that so far my link is not dropping randomly and have a consistent ping (a bit higher than I'd like, though). Therefore, I raised the Services' score but lowered Reliability because of the few hiccups and this new slow down during the evening.

UPDATE - July 23rd 2012

It is now worse than ever. Talking less than 1mbit at night. Multiple people complaining in the thread, no ETA by Teksavvy. Just got my next bill. I'm jumping ship really soon, my patience ran out.

UPDATE - July 26th 2012

Videotron performed the upgrade yesterday and my speed was good yesterday evening. I'll see how it goes in the next weeks and update/adjust my review accordingly. In the future, I hope Teksavvy can order these upgrades in prevention instead of reaction of serious congestion.

UPDATE - September 28th 2012

I can say that the speed was as advertised since the Videotron's upgrade. Even during peak times. The ping is still higher than I'd like but I can live with that since the data limits are more generous. I adjusted the score accordingly. My profile was updated to 3mbps upload speed so that's always nice to see. I will be satisfied as long as everything continue in this direction.

UPDATE - October 5th 2012

We're back with Teksavvy being at over capacity and speeds are dropping steadily in the evening. Not as bad as it was 2 months ago but it is for Montreal and Quebec so it should soon be the same here.

UPDATE - October 21st 2012

The first date passed and the new one is for the 25th. Speed are horrible. I can't even stream 480p youtube videos most of the time.

UPDATE - November 19th 2012

The upgrade finally went on in the last week of October and I've been back to normal since then. A few nights where speed wasn't perfect but could have been because of other factors. Let's just hope this is a not a trend that will plague Quebec cable customers every few months. A 10gb physical link was ordered to speed up the upgrade process which would be software until they reach that 10gb but we didn't see any updates on that installation (or I just didn't see it).

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Quebec, QC
·TekSavvy Cable

Me too


I have their 15/1.5 cable package. I experience slowdowns in download speed around 7-10 pm. My download speed can go as low as 5mbps when tested through Speedtest and the Fibrenoire server in Montreal. I'm in Quebec City.

Where can I find your forum thread?

Riviere-Du-Loup, QC

Re: Me too

said by yvvvvv:


I have their 15/1.5 cable package. I experience slowdowns in download speed around 7-10 pm. My download speed can go as low as 5mbps when tested through Speedtest and the Fibrenoire server in Montreal. I'm in Quebec City.

Where can I find your forum thread?

Here you go : »[Cable] Throttling/Speed issues in Quebec?

Riviere-Du-Loup, QC

Re: Me too

»[Cable] [QC] Videotron Slow speeds in Evenings



Speed problem

I see you have a Thompson modem, which is Docsis 2.0 and your paying for a speed package that requires a Docsis 3.0 modem however. This could be causing your speed issues.

Riviere-Du-Loup, QC

Re: Speed problem

It's not DOCSIS 2.0. It is indeed DOCSIS 3.0 and was sold by Tekksavvy.

The speed problem was fixed when they upgraded the capacity.

You should have read the updates.

TSI Jonathan

10 gig upgrade

Thanks for taking the time to update your review, glad to read you are back around the normal speeds. Yes, I've just confirmed that the 10gb physical link was completed so there should not be any other issues. If you do encounter any further issues, please feel free to get in touch with us.


TSI Jonathan
Social Media Relations Team Leader
Authorized TSI employee - Teksavvy Solutions Inc.