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Review by megsirius329

  • Location: Santa Monica,Los Angeles,CA
  • Cost: $110 per month (24 month contract)
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Bad "Terrible customer service and service in general"
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Fios is fast?? They might just sign you up for service and then send you an encrypted bill via email without an account number. Then when you try to pay online you can't, unless you have 36 minutes to spend on hold waiting to talk to a non-robot to get your account number. Once you do if you expect your service to be flawless then you are kidding yourself. My advice: go with dish. Or anything but Verizon

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lodged 1.7 years ago

Lakeland, FL

Why are all the bad reviews emailed from gmail?

Kinda makes the review section pointless

Also the user name is not a bbr member

Murrieta, CA
·Verizon FiOS

suspicious review or not informed?

When I had my second FIOS line put in on a totally separate bill I got an invoice with no account number as well, BUT in fine print on the bottom it said "This is NOT a bill, this is an invoice" then it went on to say since I had FIOS installed mid month, I would NOT be receiving a bill untill approximately 45 days with the actual account number, and to pay that bill either by check or online and went on to say my email, blah blah was setup and I may access that.

while it was a mild inconvenience since I was unable to access some items on verizons portal like the DVR, VOD... it wasn't the end of the world, and I am NOT that impatient that I could not wait until the normal billing cycle started.
been 2 months with the second FIOS line and all is good now.
have my own FIOS setup, kids, gf.. everyone else has their own so they don't interfere with what I want to do..their Xbox's, VOD, netflix, youtube.. etc..etc etc was killing my gaming time.

reviewer/OP may have not read his stuff and posted? or just venting due to his own __________ fill in the blanks