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Review by jtel See Profile

  • Location: Sitka,Sitka,AK
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "The Competition Only Offers 4mb Downloads"
Bad "Too Expensive"
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·Full Channel TV ..
I just moved to Alaska from Cox/Fios territory where I was spoiled apparently.

I started out with the ultimate package which is 22mb down for $160/month. It delivered but I just couldn't see paying that much after getting 30mb down for less than $50 so I dropped to the 15mb ($70/month) and also dropped the cable for Directv.

With nothing else coming into the house from GCI they penalize you another $30 a month so it's apparently $100 a month for that. Unlike the 22 the 15 doesn't deliver 15 instead I get 10. It's $20 extra for not having cable and $10 extra for not having any other GCI service. Those 2 fees are not spelled out when buying either.

GCI caps the 15mb service at 100 gb a month which goes fairly fast using ondemand through Directv. When ACS supports 10mb here (no cap) I'm moving to that. I'll run a new inside wire for that so any performance issues will be ACS's problem.

ACS needs to run fiber either that or Alaska needs to support communities that want to run their own.

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Queen Anne, MD

No basis

You have absolutely no basis for leaving a poor review.

Bristol, RI

Re: No basis

I've got the 15mb plan and only get 10mb speeds. The caps are ridiculously low on all their plans and the prices are astronomically high with hidden fees.

Queen Anne, MD

Re: No basis

1. Post an image of your speed test.

2. Specify about the "hidden fees"

3. Did you know about the caps prior to signing up?